African bead-inspired paper necklace.

I suppose origami is the closest thing I have to a proper ‘hobby’, in the traditional sense. On my UCAS form I was advised to not put my other hobbies which include drinking various spirits and liquers, dancing like a moose in itchy shorts and having needles stuck through my body. I really enjoy origami. I find it creative in an obtuse way, in that you are creating something by following instructions, so I find it a lot less stressful than other forms of art (I could sit for hours with paints trying to get inspiration) yet its resultant form is something whimsical, or striking to look at.

Anyway, I made this (amongst other decorative pieces) for my final art college project/show this summer:

Ignore my giraffe neck (to hide my double chin from devouring the upper-portion of the photo) and my wonky posture, created by 7 years of extraordinarily heavy backpacks at my beloved secondary school. No lockers please, we’re English.
(BTW, the t-shirt is by American Apparel, one of their organics range, and it is marvy and bon)

The ‘beads’ are the Brocade model by Minako Ishibashi. Its a modular design made of 6 pieces of interlocking paper. I based mine on African beads, using potato and finger painting, plus beads, stitching and recycled burnt metal.

Its a bit burnt out, but here’s a close up of one of the larger beads. Shows the embellishment and construction a little better than the other photo. I’m making some Xmas decorations based on these beads, amongst other models.


(p.s. the green background in the first photo is our subtly decorated ‘spare room’. I chose the colour, which is by the now discontinued *sniff sniff* Tate paints brand)


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