People judge me so hard ‘cos I don’t floss my teeth


M.I.A is my favourite musical-type at the minute, and I can’t stop listening to one of her songs of her latest album Kala.
Its called $20 and I found an MP3 of it here to stream. Its a lot slower than most of her songs, but I find it hypnotic.
For audiophiles out there, as well as the obvious Pixies reference, the bassline is from Blue Monday. True story.I would love to hear more of M.I.A in clubs. The first, and only time I have I was in the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham, post-Idlewild gig with my friend Andy and a couple of his chums. They were midway through Bucky Done Gun (streaming MP3) as we walked into The Red Room and I immediately started dancing in a way that in my brain was the most brilliant hip-hop-esque dancing, but which probably made me look like a leperous horse with a little less grace. The Tomb Crew were DJing/MCing there that night, and whether it was a coincidence or not there were a lot of people with glowsticks and bobblehats. I produced my leperous horse stylings for a while to some random (yet awesome) grime until the room got so steamed up I thought my head was going to explode. (That will teach me to winter layer and not use the cloakroom)


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