J’ai baisé beaucoup de grenouilles (I haven’t really)

‘Smack’, by Draco


I love this new Threadless design, it reminds me of something out of the old Diana/Twinkle annuals from the 70’/80’s that I have somehow acquired, despite not being born till 1987!



Anything that has robins on is made 10x better, hence why I chose to post the 1972 over any of the others (the ones I have from the mid-80’s are a gorgeous, yet slightly retina burning blue). I think robins are just the cutest British birds, but I’m a fan of birds, fish, fluffy animals, weird insects etc.


Roberta the winter Robin

I favourited that on Etsy the other day, and I’ve decided to try and do my own version instead. After all, I did make Leo a felt panda for our first anniversary (I know in my bonjour page it says I like panda, just how much I like pandas will become apparent soon enough)

So yeah. GLITTERTASTIC Lush purchases today:

Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar

Twinkle bath ballistic

Youki-Hi bath ballistic

Silver Cloud ballistic (free from the samples basket because I am brilliant/obsessed)

I’ve started to look forward to my post-conservation practical, pre-going out Thursday baths. If I have a new, unlistened one, I’ll put the Russell Howard & Jon Richardson podcast on, smash a bath ballistic against the bath (that means you get two for the price of one. As Mark says in Peep Show “Hey, 33% extra free. I am doing excellent shopping. My depressed state of mind means being even more frugal than usual.”) and get GLITTERY! Because, as I said to the girl in Lush today, everything in life in 10x better when you are covered in stupid amounts of glitter.

The baths are mostly on Thursday, but as I have plentiful bath bounty I may vary it. Not that you care, obviously. I’m just saying.

Now. I am going to find out how glass deteriorates and revise corrosion because for the first time since year 11, I am having a SCIENCE TEST. Good lord.



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