Shiny, happy people

I randomly found myself on Offbeat Bride earlier and as well as the steampunk wedding, I am really impressed/inspired (not that I’m getting married just yet!) by Mr and Mrs Ward’s DIY wedding:

(Shamelessly taken from their Flickr album)

I love the way they used the semi-industrial space and the ex-M&S display decorations! The bride looks wonderful in her ‘non-traditional’ dress (and the groom looks fancy too). And I’m a sucker for red shoes, so it very tempting that if I do accidentally end up down a wedding aisle, that I am doing so wearing my bright red, Dorothy-esque, glittery Mary Janes.

And seeing as I was saying about steampunk earlier, I think that these are very expensive, but none the less awesome:

Insect Lab, clockwork beetles

Seeing as the insects/arachnids used are real, I hope this bloke sources his supplies ethically. Because you know how boring I can be when it comes down to environmental ethics. Or, in-fact ethics of any sort.


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