ITS SNOW! (actually it was foam but for half a minute we were reduced to childlike glee)

If this entry makes no sense it is because in the last 24 hours I have been on a night out, had roughly two hours interrupted sleep, done a science test, done a seminar and wandered round in the cold.

Anyway, this is mostly for Chris (who should get this sharpish, unless the stuff about the RSS feed was a blantant lie). Chris wants a digital SLR (HO HO HO, says I, in a totally un-santarish way, knowing full well that your average digital SLR costs more than the GNP of some small republics)

I’ll proceed without such heavy use of bracket (BUT I LOVE THEM SOOO) . I said that mine was a sortof bridge-esque camera (Fuji Finepix S5500) because you can get all manual if you want or you can just take pictures of your friends in their pants during Bruce Springsteen songs. He mentioned putting up some pics of slow shutter light effects and fun things like that.

Last year, when the Lincoln Xmas Market came on, we were asked at college to take 50 ‘interesting’ pictures of the market, which instantly means that any ideas fell out my ears. I do not claim the following to be artistic, but you will soon realise that I love shiny things, lights and glitter. And stars and bubbles (A bubble stand was where all the multi-coloured lighty ones are from). And stuff like that.

Okay, so they’re not great, but they have colours in them so I am happy. And there are no middle-aged bald men in the foreground with their irritable wives like there were in 50% of my other pics.

I went up to the Xmas Market today (and met up with El Leo and Chris), as my university building is actually part of the market (that really confused me this morning) so I am fairly close. The Xmas market is half local/speciality foods/handicrafts and half commercial crap and fairground rides. And everybody walks so flipping slow.

I do wish I had bought some of the handmade chips though.


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One response to “ITS SNOW! (actually it was foam but for half a minute we were reduced to childlike glee)

  1. My RSS feed works a treat, and here I am to prove it. Nice shots, it’s what I want a camera for (is that so bad?) so yay!


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