Alright Ginge, hows your *beep*? No, its ‘Ginger’ like Ginger Rogers. Its not ‘ginge’. I’m out of a bottle anyway.

I’m going to make a rough estimate here. I think I made over 200 gingerbread stars last night. I know. There was me looking at the dough and thinking “pssh, I’m never going to have enough to take to university chums, work lovelies, family and friends”. However, my pally pal Jenn and I used the recipe in the summer and although we made some very deformed looking gingerbread men, it did make a lot. But not as much as this!

The recipe is from, and it is here. It is just the right amount of ginger, but I may have overbaked a few batches so some are gingerbready and some are gingerbiscuity. But all are covered in G&B milk chocolate, so yum.

So, if I come back from Festive Family Fun-times this weekend (I’m off work, HUZZAH!) and find that all my uni friends (do not be mistaken, I have some) and all my work chums have dropped dead well then I am sorry. Alright?

p.s. They do taste nice. After taking a few pics I may have snaffled one. mmmm.

p.p.s They were originally going to have those silver sugar balls in ear corner but a. I would have been at least 50 years old by the time I would have finished decorating them and b. they have dead pigs in them. WHY DO SUGAR BALLS HAVE GELATINE IN THEM??? Its not even like they are chewy. Bloody people putting dead in everything they can. Hundreds and thousands are much more festive though. And e-numbered.

Oh, and on the body-modification front, Shannon Larratt posted this awesome pic on Bodytwo:

Atypical/Untried Modification Ideas

Aesthetically, I think that its gorgeous. I’m good with needles (that doesn’t mean that my mods didn’t hurt, but that its didn’t put me off), but I can’t see myself being sewed into. I do love ‘stitched’ tattoos which emulate the effect, but I would love to see more people experiment with this technique. If the ‘stitches’ could be made to be permanent, rather than leaving ink/pigment behind and then disintegrating, I wonder if it would be akin to implants, as depending on the thickness of stitch used, would it create a 3D effect on the skin?

p.p.p.s (is this right? To hell with grammar) The title of this post is lyrics to the weird B-side of Spice Up Your Life (hurray spice girls) called Spice Invaders.


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One response to “Alright Ginge, hows your *beep*? No, its ‘Ginger’ like Ginger Rogers. Its not ‘ginge’. I’m out of a bottle anyway.

  1. i do hope someone who is a little bit more advanced at body mods than me will be able to experiment with this, i’d love to be able to walk into a piercers one day and ask for a sewing,
    it would be so neat to see my idea carried forward.
    (its my hand there by the way)

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