ARGH. M.I.A is performing at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham this MONDAY. I would go, but this is what is stopping me:

a. I can’t get home

b. I have absolutely no one to go with. Leo said that at a push he would come see her with me as a ‘nice boyfriend gesture’ but he works every Monday night.

Bums bums bums. How did I not hear about this earlier to make plans?! She better bloody tour again, or at least play Leeds festival again like she did in ’05 (or was it ’06??) which i missed because I was a less enlightened soul.

Anyway, I’m off Darn Sarf today for a weekend of Festive Family Frolics and some other family stuff. Larks aplenty. My head has this weird pressure in it, but I have an entire weekend off work, so I can’t complain. Especially as its one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year, hahaha. I am working Xmas Eve 8-5.30…ouch. If anyone comes in asking for a turkey bigger than Guam (we sell those) I will just beat them to death with a frozen leg of lamb.


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