You can talk to the friendly pigeon

“How to Tell if a Relationship is Over in 90 Seconds”

Just something quick and cheery because I have spent literally every waking hour of the past few days at work and as the great Dylan Moran once said…my brain is falling out of my ears like wet cake. Working in retail at Xmas is guaranteed to suck any Xmas spirit out of you.

P.S I had an epiphany on Thursday night. I now love Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis, even though I know I should keep up the pretence (ahaha) that I am cool (ahahaha) to all you internetz people. But then again, isn’t it like ubers-kool to like pop music at the mo? Who knows, what does NME dictate to us now?

P.P.S I got in v. late on Thursday night and my Mum asked my half alseep Dad whether or not the person falling over their shoes in the hallway was their beloved only offspring, i.e. me. My Dad simply replied “I don’t know, ask the friendly pigeon”. Cue lots of incredibly funny pigeon related jokes including a sign advertising the friendly pigeon’s services. I wonder if I could make a lonely hearts ad about a friendly pigeon not sound like I’m taking the piss and get it published?


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