Fowl Play

New Softwear purchases:

KAOS earskin – Olive 0g/8mm £6 per pair

KAOS white leopard print plug – 8mm £13.50 per pair

Yum. I have a plug fetish, which would explain why I now get 10% off every bodyartforms order (that means I have spent an obscene amount, but Leo’s Industrial Strength titanium eyelets were expensive. Gorgeous, but expensive)

I also have a fetish for Kaos earskins. I have them in violet, pink and black. And now olive to go with my purple ones! (I have ordered a olive cardigan and dark purple u-neck tank off American Apparel, it is a brilliant colour combo)

In other news:

Jamie Oliver, he of the campaigns to have Britain not eat shit, is doing a one off prog called ‘Jamie’s Fowl Dinners’, on Channel 4 on January 11th. In it, he will highlight the utter waste of time that is intensive poultry farming. If you can buy a whole chicken for £3, it says that there is something very wrong with the way it was raised (and by that I mean in an airless, lightless barn getting ammonia burns from sitting in their own crap and other dead birds all day).

You know what, if you can’t afford to buy good, free-range meat to eat, then you shouldn’t be eating it so often. 30-odd years ago you had a whole bird on a Sunday and made it last till mid-week. You didn’t shove ‘chicken’ down your mush every day.

If I sound like an irritating vegetarian bunny-hugging arsehole, that’s because I am. I value what food I eat much more that what TV my parents have, or what car sits on our driveway. (its an S-reg red Seat Ibiza by the way, and it is the cutest car in the world. My Mum’s furry car seat covers circa 1981 are a bit…strange, but I don’t drive so I can’t really tell her not to use them)

People who live in 5 bedroom fancy houses shouldn’t eat ‘smart-price’ food (or wear Primark clothes, but I suppose it leaves more money for the flash 5-star hotel so hey, who cares about human rights and suicidal cotton farmers? I’ll have another Mojito, Juan.)


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