Theres a vacancy in history

Last night BBC 2 showed The History Boys, the adaptation of the Alan Bennett play and it was, and I’m going to be deep here…very marvy.
You will learn in time that I am a massive nerd about a lot of things. History is one of them. I never found the analysis easy, but I enjoyed it, and I think it really helped to have a group of teachers in my school that made history interesting to learn and who also seemed to be on our level. I would have loved to have carried on to study history at degree level, but I’m am just not academic enough for a subject like that. I like to pour over books, but not 100% of the time.
Another reason why I liked the film. Its full of boys and I am a fully paid up member of the blokeywatch society. It is not cosmic horn, but close. If I have to chose, my favourite has to be Akhtar, played by Sacha Dhawan (who I originally saw in the 2006 Channel 4 thing Bradford Riots)
Also, I loved all the flamboyant singing, acting and arseing about speaking French that they did. I liked the way they had to challenge their ideas about history. I remember having to try and argue about Stalin’s methods of collectivisation and subsequent dekulakisation being a means unto an end in getting Russia mechanised. Which was fun, because Stalin was a complete maniac (but with a fantastic moustache).
So yeah. I go to Athens on the 7th or sometime on a university trip, very exciting. We are staying in the shadow of the Acropolis, which will be brilliant! I’ll try and take lots of fancy pictures!

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