He got possessed by a dolphin!

The title was Leo’s answer to a video clip question on Big Fat Quiz of the Year last night. Unsurprisingly we got it wrong, but Leo and I (Team Wheelie-Bin)  got equal first with my parents. The tie-breaker from Danny (chemistry student) was ‘What is the melting point of tungsten?’

We may have had an unfair advantage.

(July 2007, Edinburgh ‘cartoon’ exhibition thingy. It invited us to add our own fish, and add we did)

I still didn’t get it right though.

Message to Noel Fielding – sort your hair out mate.

And I thought Lily Allen looked lovely as well.

Some nice recent etsy finds:

 Give Peas a Chance necklace – £25


Birthday Cake hair clip – £4.50(ish)

Alright, well I best get mein glad-rags on because New Year’s Eve partying starts earlier that non-New Year’s Eve partying. Quite what to wear I don’t know. I might end up at the cathedral, in which warmth will be no. 1 priority.  But I might not….eep.

See you in 2008 (ARGHHHH, I am not good with New Years. To me, every passing year is a year away from care-free teenager-dom and one more towards death, wage-slavery and crippling resentment of the days of yore. But atleast this year I won’t get drunk on bacardi and fall asleep watching This Is Spinal Tap whilst my dad potters about in the garage like I did when ’03 became ’04. Then I cried, as if to top it off my performance as a bitter, socially awkward 16 year old.)

Should you end a post in brackets?


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