You look like Babe Ruth’s gay brother. Gabe Ruth.

Okay, I have to exhibit something and I’m pretty sure its nothing I could get arrested for. Its not like streaking, thank ze lord.

Hadouken, brightly coloured synth-wielding lords of the imaginary ‘nu-rave’ scene. They hooked me in with ‘That Boy That Girl’. Then they released Liquid Lives. Some people have called me ’roundabout’ in the past, and when I downloaded a remix version of Liquid Lives, rather than the actual single (which I also own on vinyl), I can see what they mean. Most people download remixes after.

Imagine, how incredibly ‘blah’ I was upon popping the vinyl into the player and hearing this:

This is a case of the remix being better than the original. I have trawled the internetz to find a streamed mp3 version of this song, which should indicate just how awesome and not mediocre (like the original) it is. It is remixed by Debonair and Aaron LaCrate and its is brillio.

Liquid Lives (Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Remix)

(Note, you may need to enable popups for the above link and its not really work safe as there are little ads of women taking their knickers off. Because nothing says ‘class’ like taking off your clothes on the internet)

P.S Its snowing! Not much, but Lincolnshire, the barren county that it is, actually has snow!

P.P.S Howies start their online sale tomorrow. I’m never much keen on many people’s winter collections, so I might wait until the spring/summer, which is good because I’m still waiting on an American Apparel order I placed in October (!) for a U-neck tank top in ‘eggplant’, a 8-button pullover in ‘olive’ and boy briefs in ‘pink/red’. They are all on backorder apparently and no sign of a re-stocking estimate. Grrrr.

 P.P.P.S I had a pretty groovy New Years Eve, but the first few days of the New Year always make me feel a bit funny. Plus, Athens soon, I hate flying but I also had being away from the people I love. Its pathetic, I know. I’m lucky to have everything I have in life so I am just being a silly bee! Ha!


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