Oh crap.

Argh. Last night I noticed that one of my microdermals was looking a bit gunky (yum!). My piercings generally play up a bit when I am ill, as if to compund the problem. Anyway.

I had a shower and when I got out, I caught that microdermal with the towel really badly. I went to my Mum, who saw nothing wrong, but I also asked Leo if it looked okay. His word was ‘Ooooh’ and not a good, surprised one either. He said that he could see the ‘heel’ (you can see the design of the jewellery here) of the microdermal poking out of my skin, but there was no blood or redness around the area. I started to panic that it was going to rip right out my skin/destroy the world etc etc. Basically I behaved like a total girlpants.

He who is Nacho Hombre started massaging the skin around the area, pinching it and moving it to try and manoeuvre the heel back into place. We put a dressing over it and left it.

I slept in a very funny way last night, due to not wanting to move my shoulders too much, just in case I disturbed my collarbones. It was also a little painful to move due to the tape on the dressings. I’m not used to it anymore! I looked at it this morning and the heel is back in the skin, but you can see a deeper depression around the entry/exit point than on the others, hinting that perhaps the heel is in a shallower layer of tissue  than what it should be. I’m no expert though. I better ring up Holier Than Thou today and see what their advice is (arrgghh phones).

But yeah, this is rubbish. Yesterday at work I cut my knuckles on the ‘crumb tray’ (its the tray that catches all the gumph that leaks/breaks on the conveyer belt) I was cleaning. There was all this encrusted sugar, washing liquid, hair, breadcrumbs etc and it had just gone rock solid. I ended up using a lot of hot water and a chisel! I also found a piece of stained and creased calico fabric under the tills, yum!


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