You know what is a rubbish job? Washing up spoons that have had been covered in chutney. Curry is the designated dish for Saturdays and through the culinary wizardry of mon pere we have tried all manner of curries (and by this I mean not just picking a readymade bhuna over a shitcken tikka masala). But I am not a chutney girl. Give me raita or creme fraiche mixed with harissa paste.

Chutney sticks to everything! My boyfriend, the loving Nacho is a chutney fiend and somehow manages to get it all over everything within a 5 metre radius of his plate. I am yet to work out how this happens. You may be sat there thinking ‘Pshhh, who washes up nowadays? I have a dishwasher/poorly paid ‘housekeeper’ to do that sort of mindless drudgery’. Well, I will tell you this and relish this. WE DON’T OWN A DISHWASHER! Why? Because they are crap and waste energy and water. I have seen people take washing up out of a dishwasher and it be dirty and covered in greasy smudges. I’ve seen people actually wash plates BEFORE putting them in the dishwasher. I can’t even think of an inappropriate metaphor for that concept.

If you think I am rambling about total crap it is because my brain is not located within my body at the minute. I assume its somewhere in Guam, but it needs to switch on her Blackberry (hahah, as if my brain owns a blackberry.)

What did I do yesterday at 9.30am? Scrabbled around in some tree roots for dead bugs. To put in resin. My friend Beth bought it a beetle that was nearly as big as my face (not really, it was right big though) looked a lot like scarab beetle. She thrust it into my face in a clear film cannister and I think I nearly suffered a heart attack. I learnt pest management, and can now identify a powderpost beetle at 20 paces (not really). FUN FACT: the larvae of a carpet beetle is called a ‘wooly bear’.

Oh yeah, I saw Cloverfield yesterday afternoon. OMG SPOLIERZ TEH MONSTAR:

Oh no wait, thats just Cthulhu, everyone’s favourite tentacley nuisance!

Seriously though (no wai!) Cloverfield was really good. It ends quite abruptly though, and even though it wouldn’t have fitted in with the rest of the film, it would have been awesome to see a government analysis thing after the credits, like a secret file of what exactly it was. But yeah, was good. Its a really difficult film to talk about without being spoilery about it, but it ruled because it was so creepy and tense but not in a hands-over-eyes-but-splaying-fingers-so-looking-but-not way!

Anyway, as Strongbad says:

(You know what this experience has taught me? Typing ‘teen girl squad its over’ into googles images yields a large proportion of porn. But I’m not sure why I am surprised…)


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