Easily Excitable.

Actually, you know how I posted about that Mivvy hoody by Howies? Well, me being the pathetic victim of card fraud and everything begged Leo to buy me it till my new debit card comes through and I am actually a little too excited for my own good. I literally cannot wait till it is delivered. It looks so warm and cosy and nice and smart but sloppy but kinda dressy. No? You don’t see it? Sod you then.

Also making me excited (and my bank account miserable)  is this. Feb 15th, Howies Spring catalogue! Although, talking of eco-consumerism, there was this article in last week’s Times Style magazine. The jist of it was that we shouldn’t keep up our ludicrous spending habits just because its People Tree, not Primark and to excercise a little make-do. It does make sense. I think the concept applies more to those moneyed types to can afford to buy 2 or even 3 pairs of Beyond Skin shoes per season and still have money for the Ciel collection. That’s not me. The amount of clothes I buy is actually rather small and is normally preceded by extreme worry. I make it a sport. When I was a teenager (pre-job) and my ‘rents treated me to a new item of clothing I would spend at least the next week refusing to take it off and eschewing its wonderful colour/fabric/shape whenever they dared be in the same room as me. I guess it could have been worse, I could have gotten drunk on cider, thrown up on it and then traded it for some weed.

I always tell my parents that I was an easy teenager. I wore ridiculous trousers and too much eyeliner (at least I did when I was 14), but I mostly stayed at home drawing/writing/blogging or making incomprehensibly complex and unrealistic plans RE: boyz with my chumettes.

I also can wear clothes for years (not continuously) which I think is part of the ‘make-do’ philosophy. My parents bought me a t-shirt on my first holiday when I was nine (St. Lucia)  that says ‘Inside this t-shirt is one wicked kid’. I still wear it, partly because I am a total tool and enjoy sarcastic over-self-confidence but also because it still fits.


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