I wish it was me you chose.

With any luck, by the time I post this, Leo won’t look at my blog and I will have a day or two before he sees this is and disowns me.

I like Elvis Aint Dead by Scouting For Girls (video)

I know. Okay, more to the point, I love the the chorus, partly because I heard it when I was drunk and just started yelling ‘I WISH IT WAS ME YOU CHOSE’ like I was exorcising some teenage demon of mine. Its a nice ditty. Bugger off ok?

Argh, I’m having my hair-did tomorrow. I really must do something with it but I am loathed to have it cut ‘cut, just in case I end up hating it and am stuck with it. I had all my long ‘Neil-from-the-young-ones’-esque hair lopped off at the beginning of 2003 to a shoulder length, layered do. It became a total mess and I spent the best part of 2003/04/(05 as well, actually) with hair at various lengths and with an amusing array of dodgy fringes. It was occasionally perfect, but not often enough to make it a good hair cut.

Here it is, as of August last year. Its what my hair looks when it air dries. I sleep on it and it goes rubbish so I straighten it and it becomes a heavy, thick here-nor-there barnet. I’m so coy here with my eyes on the side of my head. Ignore the face (and blur and sideways rotation), I just wanted to document nice hair ness:

Its a bit longer now and my fringe has gone out of control. Its too ‘full’ and short in the pic above, but now its too long and splits into two and gets stuck on the wrong side of my nose and oh lordy.

I briefly considered an a-line bob (ala Victoria Beckham when she first had her extensions removed, but longer) but I can’t bear to cut too much off and I can’t trust my hair to behave. What I will probably end up having is it really thinned out, layered, shorter at the back than at the front (but still long) and have something done with this ruddy fringe of mine. I can’t just have a trim, I need something done to my hair.

/Hair ramble over.



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