I’m gonna eat y’all

Hey, hey…guys. You want to see something not fun? Yeah, I thought so too…

That, my fine friends, is my microdermal attempting to escape from my body. B’stard. That bit of titanium is meant to be sealed inside my body, as there is a hole on that plate that should be holding it there. It isn’t, and it sucks. Its also not meant to be tilting like that!

As for the gunk, its often known as ‘crusties’ (haha eurgh). Its most common around healing piercings, but healed ones get them sometimes too. I think my gunk might also be a bit of dead skin. Which is natural enough, look at house…covered in dead skin. Anyway. Whilst Leo has been applying a combo of sea salt soaks and hot compresses to the area, it refuses to shift. It shifts itself I find after a few days (the warmth of a shower helps loosen it) . At the mo, we’re reluctant to take a damp cotton bud to them (to help shift gunk) just in case they become even worse/explode.

My skin doesn’t normally look like that (like a freshly plucked chicken, ha) its just that I’m mildly allergic to Micropore tape and sticking plasters in that area. The only ones that like me are the self adhesive dressings, which I’ve ran out of.

I’m sending this and other pics of both sets of microdermals to my piercers and see what they say. I’m scared!

Now: Emailing and baking. I’m also working on an Old Gregg costume for a party tomorrow. Pictures promised, if I don’t get stabbed by chavs or mauled by wannabe uni-bound Russell Brands.

Things are still unpredictable family wise at the mo.

P.S! Leo took me on a surprise trip to see Jon Richardson at the uni comedy night after treating me to din-dins. It was vair amusant, but Leo ended up being compared by him to Louis Theroux, and I ended up being some weight-nazi. Funtimes all round!



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9 responses to “I’m gonna eat y’all

  1. Jeez,
    That really sucks. I’ve never gotten any microdermals, just seems like they would be too hard to take care of and keep from getting rejected. I’ve had my fair share of problems with my piercings from time to time though. Good Luck, I hope it all works out well for you!

  2. Your favourite Aunt

    Ooh ouch I’ve seen gunkier but umm yes, not what you want to be happening. Best of British luck & pluck with that, Petal.

    Old Gregg costume…?! Ah, oh dear. Hmm. Quite. (Chortle).

    Which branch/twiglet of the family tree is causing the concern?

    Sweet! I have a soft spot for Louis Theroux (no not *that* soft spot, a different one entirely).

    P.S. Will no doubt be back to prod your blog again now that I’ve broken the ice (sheer, wanton laziness is my only excuse for not doing so prior to this, as the wit & charm of your ponderings are as awesome as ever they were, oh yes).

  3. monsterbeans

    Thanks Corey, I’m going to see my piercers sometime next week to get it sorted hopefully! They are a bit of a pain (literally as well)!

  4. monsterbeans

    Yesss….Old Gregg’s at ya. I agreed to be Old Gregg whilst drunk on free wine in Athens. My friend Phil is going to be The Hitcher so that’s two green walking death traps out in Lincoln tonight.

    Its my Grandad, he’s back in hospital again, and its not looking good. My parents have gone down this weekend to clear stuff and see him. I can’t get time off work till…yanno. Hmm

  5. Fin

    Shame about that microdermal. Is it just the one which is not conforming? How is it now? Also how old are your microdermals?

    I got two done two weeks ago above my collar bones, in the little divots around there. I’ve had no crust so far. Scared about not putting anything on them when I sleep.

  6. monsterbeans

    Hey fin, I’ve had my microdermals for nearly a year now, and up until recently I’ve never experiences problems with them, which is why it is weird!

    Originally, it was a different microdermal that gave me trouble. That settled down then the one in the picture started to come out. However, a few days after I made this post, it went back in and settled right down. BUT! The original ‘bad’ microdermal is now tilting out like the one in the photo, so it is a bit strange at the moment!

    I stopped putting dressings on them after a week or so when they were fresh. Basically when all of my bruising had gone down (I had a lot!)

    Ooh, sorry I rambled :)

  7. Fin

    Great, thanks for the reply! Nope nope, you didn’t ramble. By reading a couple of experiences with microdermals online, i was under the impression I was only going to have them for a couple of months before my body started trying to get rid of them. A year sounds great, I’d definitely like mine to stay in for at least that and I really do hope yours turn out okay. :D

  8. I had both my wrists done and this happened to one after it was ripped out and pushed back in….they havnt settled :/ can happen at any time due to a knock or tug. This causes the skin to push it up and harden below and therefore wayyyy harder to get back in//down. With mine i gave up instead of ending up with a bad piercing or bad scar and I went into the bath to soften the skin and slowly but surely eased it out. Will be repierced soon :)

    but not much hope for yours i dont think.

  9. Fin

    Hey again. Ha, so I didn’t quite make a year… in fact only just half a year but it was worth it! They both came out about two months ago… Well I say came out, more I cut them them out with a scalpel. They were rejecting so I guessed instead of the possibility of a pussy mess it’d be better to just get them straight out. It’s nice now not to be in fear of catching them on towels but i do miss them. Are yours out now?

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