She was platinum Degas

Just a quick post before I have a shower and finish off my wig for tonight! Leo stumble-sent me this website and I thought the pictures were great, both from a creepy-aesthetic viewpoint and a conservation one.

For example, I would have to decide what constitutes ‘dirt’ and what is ‘patina’. There would be no point in restoring this theme park to pristine working condition. Its unlikely ever to be used again and I think it holds much more informative significance in something as nearly its current state. Essentials would be removing corrosion products from metals and using a coating to prevent further corrosion. A heated tool could be used to seal the existing paint and flakes. Applying fresh paint would give an artificially new appearance which wouldn’t be in-keeping with the surroundings or rest of the artefacts.

Sorry, bit of a conservation ramble there. I just saw a lot of a potential for those objects and structures. At university, one of our main suppliers of artefacts is something like a carnival museum. We have Vaudeville droppers, fairground horses and weird statues all around the building that people work on. Whilst these objects (and the disused fairground) are not ‘historical’ artefacts in the way a piece of red-figure ceramic from Ancient Greece is, they are important in terms of social history and are often much more accessible to people than rooms of classical sculptures.

Phew. Anyway, its wig-time!


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