You know, the cute one…with polio.

I saw Juno last night I thought it was top (insightful reviews from me, as per usual). It did give me a weird dream though and although Adam Bloom says that as humans we do not have the vocabulary to make talking about dreams interesting, I’m just going to outline it here:

I was on the Yorkshire coast in a house with a bloke that looked like Jason Bateman (plays a guy who gets a eeny bit weird in the film) and he was in a gay couple with someone that looked very much like the Cohen brother with the glasses. They lived in this fancy nautical Eastern Seaboard style shack thing and somewhere along the line I agreed to get married and have kids with the Jason Bateman lookalike, even though after Juno he kinda wigged me out a bit. I end up in my friend’s grandparents’ house watching some Catholic telly channel and contemplating my future. I went upstairs to the toilet and etched into the toilet roll dispenser was a map of Europe and the countries were colour-coded as to whether you could have unprotected sex and not get AIDS. Erasure (in eastern Europe) is one such city that is AIDS-free. Apparently.

I’m then in the middle of Lincoln High Street having a big procession towards my beloved Jason Bateman lookalike. I’m dressed in white, sat in a brown Laz-e-boy and on my lap is a tray of Coco-Pops and a glass of milk. Leo is weirdly cool about me marrying this gay guy.
Thankfully I then wakeup before I actually get married.

Basically Juno was a really good film I thought. I loved the visuals of the film as well as the dialogue and plot. Of course its incredibly pretentious to sit around with an unlit pipe in your mouth but if I thought I could get away with doing it, I would.
The boyfriend didn’t like it though (not a dig at you Leo, I’m justasaying), thought that Juno as a character was hard to like (I loved her) and that the film and music references were a ‘look how awesome we are with our great taste’ from the director and screen-writer. I didn’t think so, because 16-year-olds enjoy having obscure taste. Its just what they do, maybe not as a way of trying to be cool or different but just because. I know I was always searching for the next song or picture or book that would just be ‘perfect’.
Okay, ramble over, its awesome. Go see it.

In Other News: My mysterious microdermal trouble…the one I posted a picture of a few entries back, the one that was sorta hanging out? Yeah, gone back in again. I don’t know how. Maybe wearing dressings on it and having a hot shower ‘sweated’ (ew) it back in again? Maybe I’m a mutant. Not really sure what to do about it now.


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3 responses to “You know, the cute one…with polio.

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  2. That’s one weird dream, the lazy-boy chair and coco pops….heh. I wish i could remember my dreams.

    Anyway, Juno, yes, read my thoughts, with bonus leo reply to boot:

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