Who is Old Gregg

I’m Old Gregg.




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5 responses to “Who is Old Gregg

  1. Your favourite Aunt

    Christ on a bike!!!

    Fine work on the wig – you should be selling’em on Etsy!


  2. monsterbeans

    Yes sir, thank you sir.

  3. Your favourite Aunt

    Arf. I will restrain myself and not ask about your faithfully recreated downstairs mix-up, however…


    P.S. More hospital/family drama :/ Certain personages need to simply get better ASAP and stop worrying us all silly, non?

  4. monsterbeans

    I did wear pants over and under my tights and I was gonna stitch tin-foil to the outer pants for my mangina torch but I ran out of time, bah!

    Mo and po are going darn sarf this weekend. Kudos to their PCT though, from the sounds of it they got the results and whisked Nanny in pretty sharpish! Mary said she was gonna ring you after she rang up my ma. xxx

  5. Sion

    Hey how did you do the wig. that is awesome. I need to make myself one, any handy hints you can give me?

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