I’m going to put it in my fridge

I’m going to disagree with Go Fug Yourself here:

Marion Cotillard’s BAFTA dress is wonderful and craps all over the others (especially Thandie Newton’s, the so called best dress. Ditto Sienna Miller, everyone went loopy over it. It was frumpy in the front and trying too hard in the back. Those sorts of high neck, backless dresses do not look right). The GFY fairytale scenario is vair amusant, mind. I think the floaty ‘wings’ lend this dress and angelic demureness that transforms the sparkly dress from ‘Friday night party dress’ to Awesome with a capital a.

Hey look, its Valentines day! All this week GMTV have been doing husband makeovers to make dowdy women’s husband more romantic at 7.30am. Yuck.

1. Most of these women have been like ‘Ooooh, colin has never been romantic in all the the 1006 years we’ve been seeing each other.’ Well then you knew what he was like when you married him, so deal with it.

2. How embarassing is it to be hauled up on national telly by that personality-less Jenni Falconer to be told that basically you are a rubbish husband, but it can all be made okay with some flowers, a scrambled egg and some violins.

Me and my Mum were just like ‘sod that’. Tonight I’m going out with my mates (I have a radar that apparently transmits the phrase ‘boyfriended’ to all males under the age of 30, so Leo needn’t worry, they already stay away), not sure where. Leo is going to Manchester to see Dillenger Escape Plan and eat curry.

I did write him a message in the British Heart Foundation window that read ‘To Leo, Lets get in the Pringle man’s face and dance in our pants, love Holly Panda’ that he can read on his way to the train station. No cards or pressies as we are vair lazy.


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