I sense a disturbing new addiction:


Just bought these for £5.50(including postage). I have been coveting khussa shoes for ages but they are nearly always made of leather as that is the traditional material. I don’t buy shoes made of leather as I’m concerned for the use of chemicals in the tanning process, and obviously the welfare of the animals involved. I remember reading somewhere that some very cheap shoes (some even labelled non-leather)are infact made of dog or cat leather from illegal markets. Nice. Or that cheap shoes labelled as ‘other materials’ actually contain some proportion of leather, but not enough to be legally called leather.

For a while, I did just buy shoes that were cheap as they were made of plastics. Plastic isn’t good for your feet, but the hi-tech alternative fibres used by companies such as Veggie Shoes, Beyond Skin and Bourgeois Boheme are much better (ditto their production policies). Also, plastic isn’t good for the environment, or the noses of people producing cheap shoes in poorly ventilated factories.

So, by buying that particular pair of leather khussa, I am re-using someone else’s item. No more raw materials are used (apart from those used to pack and send the shoes but that really is nitpicking) and no more labour, fair or unfairly paid is used. And I’m saving myself money until I can really afford a pair of Beyond Skin shoes. Good times all round.

Ditto clothing. As you know, I champion fair trade and organic fibre production, but vintage and second hand is just as worthy I think. You can remove the need for something new. I’m currently bidding (a fiver) on a lovely High Street brand waistcoat on ebay that according to the seller has been worn a few times. I hope I win it and I don’t look like a total berk in it (I’ve discussed the waistcoat thing in a previous post).

Also on the ebay list: a pair of shorts from New Look, a pair of green and white satin shoes and a pair of used New Look high heels.

By the way, the new Spring Howies catalogue is fantastico. When I read through it I wanted to marry it and have its clothing based lovechildren. I actually wanted to marry a catalogue, which makes me very odd.


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  1. Try a fair trade shawl next time the new outfit urge hits it works lifts the mood and will be used for years…
    http://www.itsashawlthing.com only fair trade pashmina’s and shawls have some good bargains at the moment

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