Mungo Merry Dairylea

I’m gonna come out and say it, at risk of being pillaged by music-types: I thought Over and Over by Hot Chip was irritating as hell when it got to the chorus.

However, I forgive these weird London blokes because of their song that is admittedly not new, but wot I heard for the first time on Thursday night:

Granted, new songs seem bloody fantastic when you’re drunk (I woke up on Friday morning and could barely move my neck, I’m an ‘enthusiastic’ dancer. ‘Holly has shown great enthusiasm for team sports but unfortunately is not technically competent’. That sort of enthusiastic) . I love his slightly melancholic voice, it struck me quite hard on Thursday night.
Cool: Be Kind Rewind tonight
Cool 2: VK price crash to 60p at the Glasshouse on Friday night. I never knew they did a stock-market style thing on a Friday but it was awesome.
Cool-sort-of 3: I keep meaning to mention this, but if you type in ‘i wish it was me you chose’ (i.e. the lyrics to Elvis Aint Dead by Scouting For Girls) the first post to come up is the one I made about my guilty enjoyment for the song. I think that is some sort of result.

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