To those who care…

Hey, I’m not posting much at the mo because I’m quite busy (and definitely not spending all my time on ebay…promise!)

Also, why for the life of me can I not spell definetley? After tweaking with the firefox spell check I eventually get definitely right but it takes me ages. Crikey, and my school told me I was ‘gifted and talented’. Not in English apparently.



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2 responses to “To those who care…

  1. Your favourite Aunt

    Aww I care Petal. Oh yes, glad you weren’t killed and/or maimed horribly in that *coff* earthquake *coff*, obv.

    As for spelling, I dislike (for hate is a strong word) when you write a very simple word* and you catch yourself staring at it, thinking ‘that can’t possibly be spelt correctly’…cos if you have got it wrong, you must be an idiot but if you did spell it right, the fact that you are questioning it, clearly means you are going mental, hm. (*see ‘spelt’)

    And ‘gifted’ and ‘talented’ are other words for ‘special’ ;)

  2. monsterbeans

    I am very special, dearest aunt. You know this to be true.

    I hate the word decision for this precise reason. It looks silly.

    And it was an earthquake I’ll have you know, and it gave ample reason to send smutty-funny texts to people the next day, haha!

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