Diary of a Douchebag.

Where to start with this blog post? It is essentially a few bits of me being either a total idiot or being screwed over by criminals…again.

I’ll start with the criminals. Hopefully by the time I have to explain my stupid-moment you’ll feel sympathy with me.

I log in to my Hotmail this morning to find a bunch of emails from paypal.com saying that my account had been suspended over suspicious activity. HERE WE GO AGAIN. I also have two receipts both for 12.50 Euro to a company called “Betamax GmbH & Co” (more about that later). Not to mention a bunch of emails from Skype (I’ve never signed up) to some geezer.

I unlocked my Paypal account and contacted the service team to ensure the payments won’t go through. I changed both my hotmail and paypal passwords. Now onto the Skype thing. I’ve emailed them with the titles and addresses of the emails I received and also the name and username of the person they were addressed to. I’m unlikely to find out the name of the guy who tried to steal my money (AGAIN) but if I do and its this prick on Skype, I’m reporting him to the police, no matter what country he’s in. Probably using a fake name though. Damn.

I also emailed Nationwide to alert them to this paypal thingy. I was getting bored of emailing support teams by now so imagine my infinite joy and elation when after changing my ebay password for security, my new and old passwords for ebay no longer work and neither does TWO password reset requests. ‘Dear Sir/Madam…’. CRIKEY.

Meanwhile, in this crapstorm that is 11th March, I received the camera I won off ebay. A used Nikon compact digital that I won for like £20. I tested it with no card and it seemed fine, so I grabbed my spare card to put in so I could upload shots to my PC to get a better look at the picture quality. The ebay listing said the camera accepted SD cards. Perfect, I have those. But the card wouldn’t go in, despite the grooves on the card and slot being aligned. Its a used/refurbished camera so I assumed things were a little stuff. I pushed it in till it clicked and then pushed it to make it pop out again like it says on the case. Nothing. I looked at my other camera card and they are Fuji XD cards! ARRGHGHH. So now I have the card firmly jammed in there and no way of getting it out. Because I’m a total pratjob. 4 hours slogging it at work and for nothing.

Okay, so we’ve established I have a brain full of crap. More about out friends at Betamax GmbH & Co. From what I can gather from google searches they are a German telecommunications company (supposedly) doing a similar thing to Skype on tens of different domain names like Voip (the word ‘voip’ just reminds me of Teen Gurl Squad).

It seems that lots of people have been affected by this sort of thing (some for thousands of dollars, so I got off lightly, especially with the transaction being suspended…if it stays that way) . It even seems like the company themselves are victims of fraud, but due to their rubbish support and closed-off attitude, anything is possible.

Yesterday I did my first bit of modelling for my pal’s fashion project and the photographer nearly broke my spine trying to get me to manoeuvre myself into all sorts of bizarre arty poses. I also went to see Diary of the Dead and have no idea what to make of it as it was pretty rubbish, but some of the gore was cool. I think I would have preferred to see some more of the lo-fi ‘internet footage’ in the film though. Elliot was cute and they needed to keep the Deaf Amish Samuel dude in for much longer

Did a charity quiz with work on Friday and our team of younguns did so badly that we, the mighty FROZEN PEAS got prizes. My Dad’s team won, so winning Dad, losing daughter.



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2 responses to “Diary of a Douchebag.

  1. Sucks that you have been a target of net fraud again, I would get the internetz police round quick. Its funny that its all connected via eBay though, Skype and PayPal both being eBay companies.

    I think the moral here is don’t trust eBay, or maybe hotmail, they may have got your precious details from there. Anyway, hope you gets it sorted pro quick.

    Oh and VOIP = Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol)! /nerd.

    Ciao for now, and dont forget, forever fight those internets baduns.

  2. monsterbeans

    Ruddy internets. I’ve used it for years and no problemo and suddenly twice in 3 months someone decides to hack me right off.

    Hopefully changing my passwords will help. Paypal are being less than helpful though.

    You are really a total nerd Chris. This is why we love you! Not that I needed to know what VOIP stood for, but now I do and somehow…somewhere my life feels more fulfilled! :)

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