That has made my day. I am currently wrestling (mentally, not physically) with a revision guide to ‘museum environment’. It is stupendously complex for someone with my lack of brain. However, I have heard that as you progress as a conservator (I always want to write conservatory) you become spectacularly anally retentive about relative humdity and light sources but as long as I don’t buy an clock-style RH meter and put in my kitchen I will be OK.

In CRIME RIDDEN BRITAIN OMG news – Paypal have refunded me my money to my paypal account (not my bank account) after 3 emails. I tried to ring up Nationwide’s Fraud department (they are almost like my best friends I call them so much). I was on hold for like 15 minutes so I trailed off onto looking at panda-related items on etsy, so I was surprised to hear someone and nearly threw my pen. When I replied, I couldn’t hear anything apart from some woman laughing and what it sounds like when you pretended to be asleep on plastic school tables.
I couldn’t shout ‘halllooo’ cos my Mum was asleep so I just waited and I thought I could hear some geezer very quietly but I gave up and ate some crisps instead. STORY OF MY LIFE.
If anyone would like to help me explain pollutant monitoring, pest management and the difference between spotlights, direct sunlight and north daylight I will give you sweets.

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