Pretty cool…

Oh hai there, Mr. Kele Okereke of the BLLLOOOCCC PAARTTY (insert rubbish Kele impression here) all up there with your Corona beer. I hear you’re doing a DJ set at one of Lincoln’s more snazzy nightclubs, Sakura. Well thats pretty cool, ain’t it? I do like you, maybe I’ll come for a looksee. It’ll be more that just a looksee at 12 quid, mind.



Filed under champion of loons, fun-times, musicality

4 responses to “Pretty cool…

  1. I want to go to this. But I am currently lacking in the ID department. :(

  2. monsterbeans

    You’ve lost your ID? Silly Chris. What about when you go to Turkey, the authorities would love to stare at your young face :)

  3. Fin

    Bit lacking on the new posts front I have to say! :p

  4. monsterbeans

    Oh I know :/ I would like to say I’ve been very busy but its more because I’m lazy. I’ve got a few drafts and reviews lying around though :D

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