Don’t hate, appreciate.

Yeah so I’m rubbish at updating….

I’ve been away (well I partied in Bournemouth with my good amies Beth and Jules) and I’m about to head off to Leeds festival and then Dublin just before my 21st birthday, so lots of stuff to report back on soon before starting my 2nd year at University.

I have a lot of makeup and beauty related stuff in my head, as well as new handmade etsy finds and ebay scrounging goodness.

In other good news I am going to Florence in January with university, so at least this time I will have no trouble finding things to eat (Athens was not good to me in that respect, though I may have increased the Greek economy for tzatziki ten-fold)

I really want to get back into being creative myself as well, but the amount of stuff going on means there is always something else I need to be doing, meh.

Oh, and in the vein of procrastination, I’m back on Kingdom of Loathing so feel free to message or PvP my arse! (name: monsterbeans, Accordian Thief extrordinaire)

I’m going to be batgirl tomorrow at work, thus generate a plethora of funny looks.



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2 responses to “Don’t hate, appreciate.

  1. Your favourite Aunt

    Bloody hell…IT lives…IT POSTS!

    Everything sounds rather wizard, congrats :)

  2. Your favourite Aunt

    Hello Petal & a Merry New Year to you & yours that end :)

    Please – if/when you get this – text me (if you do indeed have my number, otherwise it’s a bit tricky I grant you) as I managed last night in a Bucks Fizz stupor to delete all of import from my phone. Ta muchly.

    If I don’t hear from you before (btw, text messgae doesn’t have to be an essay…’hi’ or ‘bog off, I’m busy’ will be just fine) have a good time in Florence.*

    One of your Aunts
    (guess which)

    * It was Donatello’s David’s ass that was being restored but according to Wikipedia (which is sometimes correct) should be back on display right about now.

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