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“We could start flinging baked beans at the window like monekys fling poo. That would keep the customers away”

Microdermal (aka, what-on-earth-were-you-thinking-Holly) News: The two closest to my sternum are going batshit insane. The one that I originally caught on my bath towel in what seems so long ago it could have been 1996 has been in, then out, then it went back in again, now it is in limbo. The heel is under my skin, but the skin has not closed around it, leaving it vulnerable.

The one that I lost the disc for in Athens (probably lurking in the Agora somewhere. Archaelogists will dig it up in 100 and think they’ve found some bizarre Hellenic object. Until they test it, of course) was kinda bruised but OK. Then it decided to try and escape too. So it was ‘sweated out’ which had worked for the others really well. It was really red and sore though, unlike the others. Now its blistered. Which is awful.

So I’m ringing up Thou Art tomorrow and in some ways I want the bad two out of my body by the end of this week. I’m fed up, Leo is fed up and my body is obviously fed up. The other two are fine and so are all my other piercings. I hope they might give me some topical anaesthetic when I have them removed as having them put in was bad enough.

I’ve started to contribute on Yahoo UK Answers, partly because answering questions is fun (I mostly lurk in Beauty & Style so I can recommend non-animal tested products and answer piercing/mod questions) and also because I like the sound of my own voice. I wouldn’t write a blog, diary and have a running monologue in my head if I didn’t. I don’t actually like the ‘sound’ of my own voice. Hearing myself on video makes me gag because I sound like a 50 year old man with an all-over-the-place accent. Not the point. I noticed that on a lot of surface piercing questions on Yahoo Answers, there is often an answer that recommends getting microdermals as the safe, no-rejection METHOD OF THE FUTURE! More often than not, the question poster is someone who can barely describe what they want done. Microdermals are a semi-permanent mod. Whilst they don’t require blades to be put in, they are new technology. They fix themselves under your skin and nobody can agree on how to get them out (hemostats, needles or scalpels seem to be the three most popular). If I have mine removed I know there will be scars and I will have to deal with them. My body is hardly a perfect canvas anyway, so it is unlikely to matter. But it worries me that microdermals are being peddled as the one stop solution to surface piercings’ problems.

Anyway. Enough about that.

I’ve been meaning to post this for ages, I found it on Boing Boing a while back:

The Mandala of Perfect Happiness by Chris Harvey

I really like it, partly because of the beautifully combined colours, and the shapes they bring together. It makes me think of some post-apocalyptic city, where they melted down all of the 20th century’s useless plastic and refashioned it into a smiley-faced utopia in order to restore civilisation. I only hope that they do better at running the world than we do at the moment.

Everytime I look at it though, I always think of the Angkor Wat in Cambodia:


I mean, its not strictly the same shape, but South East Asian architecture in my mind has this tapered, skyward appearance. On a similar note, I love the the collection of South Asian Hindu figures at the V&A. Its like ‘oh, that one has stretched earlobes’….’that one too’ ….’YAY!’. I’m easily pleased.

 The Times gave away some free board and TV game CD-roms and one of them was Monopoly and I fear I have become addicted. I am crap at it though, and whenever one of the computer player’s goes bankrupt, do they ever give their properties and money to be, bollocks do they. If they do its all mortgaged and it is loads to unmortgage it.

This is getting long. On a final note, I might be adopting some Roborovski hamsters!


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Two things that are awesome.

The first is nerdy, the second was yummy.

Awesome Thing No. 1 – Me being allowed near historical objects, viz:

The object is a slater’s knife, used surprisingly enough for cutting and applying slate for roofs (I’m convinced the plural of roof should be rooves but hey.). Its forged from iron and has a wooden handle core. It was corroded, the wood was dry and brittle and had previously suffered from wood-boring insect infestation. There was also something that had been spilt on it.

3-in-1 oil, some wire wool, white spirit, Synperonic A7 (a detergent) and Renaissance Wax later and I had this in my grubby gloved paws:

Even if you know zilch about conservation or couldn’t quite frankly give a crap, you have to admit that for a first try, thats pretty neato. The aim was to make the object stable but also aesthetically pleasing, without making it look un-natural. I could have used the airbrasive machine and blasted the corrosion off, and I would have ended up with a shiny grey knife. But you don’t expect a century-odd old piece of building equipment to be nice and shiny do you?

Awesome Thing No. 2 – The last time I ever drunkenly agree to bake a complex cake

Okay, this wasn’t a solo effort. I managed to snaffle my pallypals Jules and Beth to help and make a bit of a nice day of it. It was for our friend Phil, Chap-reading, winkle-picker-wearing, vinyl aficionado Noughties Mod and his Modtastic 19th birthday party. The drunken agreement was made after a few free karafes of wine on the last night in Athens.

The recipe was from the newly boycotted Delia ‘I can’t get into the politics of food’ Smith, from a tatty old book of hers my parents bought when they moved in together in the early 80’s. My fresh distate for Delia happened last week when it became apparent that her new book ‘How To Cheat At Cooking’ was essentially about creating ready meals (i.e. tinned beef mince with frozen mashed potato in the oven apparently makes a ‘cottage pie’. AS IF)

Don’t even get me started on the varying comments she has made about organic food and animal welfare recently.

Luckily, I can remember the cake recipe off by heart so HAH. Its a chocolate cake, covered in chocolate buttercream, black icing record, liquorice stylus (we had to go tot local shops in order to get a sherbet fountain for this!), Jelly Tot knobs (Jelly Tots are now veggie, before you ask) and icing speakers/dials. Yum.

The cake was fantastico. So much so I found myself scraping the leftover buttercream out of the lid of a biscuit tin I brought it in at 2am whilst drinking a can of cider. Good times.


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She was platinum Degas

Just a quick post before I have a shower and finish off my wig for tonight! Leo stumble-sent me this website and I thought the pictures were great, both from a creepy-aesthetic viewpoint and a conservation one.

For example, I would have to decide what constitutes ‘dirt’ and what is ‘patina’. There would be no point in restoring this theme park to pristine working condition. Its unlikely ever to be used again and I think it holds much more informative significance in something as nearly its current state. Essentials would be removing corrosion products from metals and using a coating to prevent further corrosion. A heated tool could be used to seal the existing paint and flakes. Applying fresh paint would give an artificially new appearance which wouldn’t be in-keeping with the surroundings or rest of the artefacts.

Sorry, bit of a conservation ramble there. I just saw a lot of a potential for those objects and structures. At university, one of our main suppliers of artefacts is something like a carnival museum. We have Vaudeville droppers, fairground horses and weird statues all around the building that people work on. Whilst these objects (and the disused fairground) are not ‘historical’ artefacts in the way a piece of red-figure ceramic from Ancient Greece is, they are important in terms of social history and are often much more accessible to people than rooms of classical sculptures.

Phew. Anyway, its wig-time!

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Sunshine, lollipops rainbows.

Firstly, may I just say “HUZZAAAH” because I handed in my first term work today!

Secondly, some house porn: The Cheltenham Underground House

The above was featured on Grand Designs the other day and when it was completed I thought it was brilliant. You can’t really get the full view of it from the website gallery though. Okay, so in my opinion there are too many neutral colours (though I love the dark brown wood used) but I like rancid, retina burning colour schemes. But I think my favourite part was the view from the ‘master bedroom’ roof garden. Looking directly down into the ‘underground’ patio-thing…wonderful! Also the giant skylight and the wave shaped light reflectors were pretty groovy.

Thirdly –  Richard Sweeney paper sculptures. You know my love for origami and paper art in general, so seeing this made me happy. Some of the structures are so reminiscent of modular origami I’ve seen.

Fourthly – A bit of guilt venting. I find buying clothes difficult because a. I am an odd shape, b. I torture myself with ethical issues.  A while back I found a lovely pair of twill weave grey slim trousers from Miss Selfridge for £25. Of course, they are neither fairtrade nor organic, but they go with everything and are the perfect cut, and smarter than jeans. I bought another pair in black today (whooops)

Fifthly (this is getting just a tad silly now.)  I am unsure whether to buy this or not:

 I’m not sure whether it looks too….mumsy? I have been eagerly looking for shrugs/mini-cardis for a while as a. they would be v. useful if Britain ever achieves a temperature above 10 degrees. Also, I have a paranoid fear of arseholes ‘fiddling’ with my corset piercings if I wear strap tops/backless tops, and a shrug would be a quick and easy way to wear these tops (Standard cardigans get too hot).

Some would say that that is payback for getting corset piercings and being a tool. Obviously I don’t always wear ribbons in them like in the picture, that was just for my prom, but I still don’t trust people not to try and get their grubby hands on them!

 On the subject of top-half wear, I succumbed and tried on a waistcoat (I know, how painfully trendy. 3 years ago, no one but grooms and grandfathers wore waistcoats)  in Topshop today, with an eye that if it suited me, then I might buy this little vintage number from etsy for…I think it was $10, but it has since been sold. I think the waistcoat suited me, but the one I tried on was £35…so no, and again with the ethical torturing.

Sixth(ly???)  This will be the last one as this is getting ridiculous now. But my boyfriend, the long suffering Leo aka ‘El Nacho Hombre’ (he knows its grammatically incorrect, so don’t bother) has started a blog ici. I don’t know what his game is, stealing my hordes *cough* of faithful readers!

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The type of luggage you carry says a lot about you. For example, if you’re carrying somebody else’s luggage, it says you’re a thief.

Found the above link via Boing Boing today. I love vintage advertising, and not just your Montmatre-inspired pieces by Toulouse Lautrec either. What I think is interesting about these 50’s/60’s posters is that as well as the almost complete absence of photography in the adverts, is that many of them use cultural landmarks and icons to portray the countries/cities. Nowadays it mostly a picture of some footprints in some sand and a well-to-do couple walking blissfully away towards their love shack/5 star hotel. It could be Goa, it could be the East coast of Africa or perhaps, it could be Skegness (in which case it would be a boarding house/caravan).
The London Transport Museum’s poster archive is a treasure chest of adverts from the turn of the century to the present day. I love the inter-war period style of advertising, but you can’t beat a bit of windy-worded showy-offy monarchy can you? (Yes?)
In Other News: My boy-brief pants and my 8-button pullover turned up today, without the U-neck tank, so I assume that will be turning up some other time! I have been wearing the pants over my leggings today with generous aplomb. The pullover is lovley, though I had a minor panic when I tried it on and it was far too small and weird fitting but that was because the 3rd buttons down were still buttoned up and I’d put my head in halfway down the garment. This proves that whilst I am arguably quite intelligent, I am also incredibly dim.
P.S. The post title is from the v. funny book ‘Dave Barry’s Only Travel Guide You’ll Ever Need’ (various quotes from which are here, and are all irritatingly underlined) and book that my parent’s bookshelf gave birth to sometime in my AS-Level year at school (I know this because it is covered in black acrylic paint caused by a broken cassette tape case piercing my paint tube in my bag and covering everything I carted around in that backpack. The tape was there for me to listen to during my AS art exam. I did have a portable CD player, but I think I was having a throwback moment. Antmusic by Adam & The Ants was the first track)
If you’re wondering about the bookshelf giving birth, my house is stuffed with books, some we have never even seen before and have no recollection of buying.
P.P.S What on earth is wrong with wordpress at the minute? Normally it is clamouring to double and triple space my paragraphs like middle class people to cocaine. But today it took me at least 3 goes at the code editing, scratching my head at ‘why on earth are there 8 identical div align left codes just so I can start another block of text???’ and eventually just hammering paragraphs tags wherever the hell I felt like it.

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ITS SNOW! (actually it was foam but for half a minute we were reduced to childlike glee)

If this entry makes no sense it is because in the last 24 hours I have been on a night out, had roughly two hours interrupted sleep, done a science test, done a seminar and wandered round in the cold.

Anyway, this is mostly for Chris (who should get this sharpish, unless the stuff about the RSS feed was a blantant lie). Chris wants a digital SLR (HO HO HO, says I, in a totally un-santarish way, knowing full well that your average digital SLR costs more than the GNP of some small republics)

I’ll proceed without such heavy use of bracket (BUT I LOVE THEM SOOO) . I said that mine was a sortof bridge-esque camera (Fuji Finepix S5500) because you can get all manual if you want or you can just take pictures of your friends in their pants during Bruce Springsteen songs. He mentioned putting up some pics of slow shutter light effects and fun things like that.

Last year, when the Lincoln Xmas Market came on, we were asked at college to take 50 ‘interesting’ pictures of the market, which instantly means that any ideas fell out my ears. I do not claim the following to be artistic, but you will soon realise that I love shiny things, lights and glitter. And stars and bubbles (A bubble stand was where all the multi-coloured lighty ones are from). And stuff like that.

Okay, so they’re not great, but they have colours in them so I am happy. And there are no middle-aged bald men in the foreground with their irritable wives like there were in 50% of my other pics.

I went up to the Xmas Market today (and met up with El Leo and Chris), as my university building is actually part of the market (that really confused me this morning) so I am fairly close. The Xmas market is half local/speciality foods/handicrafts and half commercial crap and fairground rides. And everybody walks so flipping slow.

I do wish I had bought some of the handmade chips though.

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