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“Hey man, thats a swede swede you’re swedings”

The big news today aka OMG I NEARLY DIED. Not.

Yep, Market Rasen is roughly 10-15 miles from Lincoln (as the crow flies).  It was fun, in a completely weird way. Woke up to the house shaking and all these weird creaky noises and bright lights and my first thought was that the military had blockaded the council estate near us Shameless/28 Days Later style. Mum was at work on a night shift and after the rumbling stopped, Dad came into my room and we had a look outside and concluded it was ‘tremors’. In fact, I was more bothered about more stuff happening as there is a bloody big birch tree right outside my window.

Feel free to shoot me down here, but GMTV’s wildly hysterical coverage of the earthquake was unbelivable. They seemed to phone interview randoms about nothing in particular. “I LIVE IN WATFORD/MANCHESTER/BIRMINGHAM BLAH BLAH BLAH AND MY TELLY FELL OFF THE WALL!!!” No it didn’t, don’t make rubbish up to get on the telly and talk with the quite frankly vacant and perpetually irritating Fiona Phillips. I live in Lincoln and all my precariously balanced crap in my room (inc. TV on rubbishy stand) stayed put. I call bull.

Fun stuff:

Brass bird ring, approx £20

That be mine! I’m rubbish at keeping rings so fingers crossed I keep this one (I might just weld it to my hand) . The listing is for an S, but the artist is shortening it for me to a K. I have a thing for bird motifs at the mo, I blame my ‘rents and all of their bird books.

Actually, talking of rings, this is a post from Modblog a week or so ago that could solve my losing rings problem:


Unlikely But True: Finger Ring Piercing – Modblog

I mean, I’m obviously far too OCD regarding germs to ever do that, but its pretty neat that she’s healed a very difficult piercing and kept it looking swanky.

Oh, and Be Kind Rewing was vair vair good. Taps in to all those childhood games of pretending you’re on telly (which is actually just a big old box with a hole in it) or trying to be allowed to play with the camcorder (never happened).

As you’ve seen from the trailer, the remake films are ‘sweded’ versions. This made me laugh like the drain because when some Swedish exchange student that our mates were paired with came to our school, we took to changing all adjectives and nouns to ‘swede’ (see title of post). It was infinitely hilarious to us and the (actual) Swedes.





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This is a happy song.

I know you’ve all heard this song and I’m like to sound just not ‘edgy’ enough considering it was on an ipod advert ages ago and I dunno…sold out or something? I have no idea. Point is, I like it.

Feist – 1 2 3 4

I heard it in full length and watched the video for the first time the other day and I was, quite frankly charmed. First of all, I wish I could walk around in cobalt blue spangly catsuits and secondly, she dances like me and that is very endearing. I really like her voice too and the song is just cute, the bit they chose for the advert really wasn’t the best part.

Also, the video had an air of ‘much better Gap’ about it. Talking of that, found the best old Gap advert:


When this came out I was in Year 9 and we used to sit at the back of our form room swinging on our chairs singing it (ditto ‘Everybody Dance Now’ during Maths with loopy head movement and guttural voice synths, oh yah). Funny though, Gap asking us to start a love train when they have had sweat-shop accusations and human rights allegations. Hmmm.

My new card arrived, huzzah and hurrah! And I’m starting a new project as well. I was really inspired by this watch on Etsy:

Frenchy Watch – £18ish

Love it. Unfortunatley the band is made of leather so that is a no for me. So I’m planning to make a watch sorta similar to that one, but I’ll use a layered gabardine or denim instead of leather and add my own touches. I’m waiting till I get the ribbon and fabric before getting the watch face (there are loads on ebay). I’ve already bought the ribbon off Etsy, I fell in love with it instantly!

From Matatabi’s shop – £1.50

Eeeee…I’m excited! I also finished working on my first historical object on Wednesday, so I’ll post before + after cards once I’ve finished my lab record card.

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He got possessed by a dolphin!

The title was Leo’s answer to a video clip question on Big Fat Quiz of the Year last night. Unsurprisingly we got it wrong, but Leo and I (Team Wheelie-Bin)  got equal first with my parents. The tie-breaker from Danny (chemistry student) was ‘What is the melting point of tungsten?’

We may have had an unfair advantage.

(July 2007, Edinburgh ‘cartoon’ exhibition thingy. It invited us to add our own fish, and add we did)

I still didn’t get it right though.

Message to Noel Fielding – sort your hair out mate.

And I thought Lily Allen looked lovely as well.

Some nice recent etsy finds:

 Give Peas a Chance necklace – £25


Birthday Cake hair clip – £4.50(ish)

Alright, well I best get mein glad-rags on because New Year’s Eve partying starts earlier that non-New Year’s Eve partying. Quite what to wear I don’t know. I might end up at the cathedral, in which warmth will be no. 1 priority.  But I might not….eep.

See you in 2008 (ARGHHHH, I am not good with New Years. To me, every passing year is a year away from care-free teenager-dom and one more towards death, wage-slavery and crippling resentment of the days of yore. But atleast this year I won’t get drunk on bacardi and fall asleep watching This Is Spinal Tap whilst my dad potters about in the garage like I did when ’03 became ’04. Then I cried, as if to top it off my performance as a bitter, socially awkward 16 year old.)

Should you end a post in brackets?

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Alright Ginge, hows your *beep*? No, its ‘Ginger’ like Ginger Rogers. Its not ‘ginge’. I’m out of a bottle anyway.

I’m going to make a rough estimate here. I think I made over 200 gingerbread stars last night. I know. There was me looking at the dough and thinking “pssh, I’m never going to have enough to take to university chums, work lovelies, family and friends”. However, my pally pal Jenn and I used the recipe in the summer and although we made some very deformed looking gingerbread men, it did make a lot. But not as much as this!

The recipe is from, and it is here. It is just the right amount of ginger, but I may have overbaked a few batches so some are gingerbready and some are gingerbiscuity. But all are covered in G&B milk chocolate, so yum.

So, if I come back from Festive Family Fun-times this weekend (I’m off work, HUZZAH!) and find that all my uni friends (do not be mistaken, I have some) and all my work chums have dropped dead well then I am sorry. Alright?

p.s. They do taste nice. After taking a few pics I may have snaffled one. mmmm.

p.p.s They were originally going to have those silver sugar balls in ear corner but a. I would have been at least 50 years old by the time I would have finished decorating them and b. they have dead pigs in them. WHY DO SUGAR BALLS HAVE GELATINE IN THEM??? Its not even like they are chewy. Bloody people putting dead in everything they can. Hundreds and thousands are much more festive though. And e-numbered.

Oh, and on the body-modification front, Shannon Larratt posted this awesome pic on Bodytwo:

Atypical/Untried Modification Ideas

Aesthetically, I think that its gorgeous. I’m good with needles (that doesn’t mean that my mods didn’t hurt, but that its didn’t put me off), but I can’t see myself being sewed into. I do love ‘stitched’ tattoos which emulate the effect, but I would love to see more people experiment with this technique. If the ‘stitches’ could be made to be permanent, rather than leaving ink/pigment behind and then disintegrating, I wonder if it would be akin to implants, as depending on the thickness of stitch used, would it create a 3D effect on the skin?

p.p.p.s (is this right? To hell with grammar) The title of this post is lyrics to the weird B-side of Spice Up Your Life (hurray spice girls) called Spice Invaders.

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J’ai baisé beaucoup de grenouilles (I haven’t really)

‘Smack’, by Draco


I love this new Threadless design, it reminds me of something out of the old Diana/Twinkle annuals from the 70’/80’s that I have somehow acquired, despite not being born till 1987!



Anything that has robins on is made 10x better, hence why I chose to post the 1972 over any of the others (the ones I have from the mid-80’s are a gorgeous, yet slightly retina burning blue). I think robins are just the cutest British birds, but I’m a fan of birds, fish, fluffy animals, weird insects etc.


Roberta the winter Robin

I favourited that on Etsy the other day, and I’ve decided to try and do my own version instead. After all, I did make Leo a felt panda for our first anniversary (I know in my bonjour page it says I like panda, just how much I like pandas will become apparent soon enough)

So yeah. GLITTERTASTIC Lush purchases today:

Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar

Twinkle bath ballistic

Youki-Hi bath ballistic

Silver Cloud ballistic (free from the samples basket because I am brilliant/obsessed)

I’ve started to look forward to my post-conservation practical, pre-going out Thursday baths. If I have a new, unlistened one, I’ll put the Russell Howard & Jon Richardson podcast on, smash a bath ballistic against the bath (that means you get two for the price of one. As Mark says in Peep Show “Hey, 33% extra free. I am doing excellent shopping. My depressed state of mind means being even more frugal than usual.”) and get GLITTERY! Because, as I said to the girl in Lush today, everything in life in 10x better when you are covered in stupid amounts of glitter.

The baths are mostly on Thursday, but as I have plentiful bath bounty I may vary it. Not that you care, obviously. I’m just saying.

Now. I am going to find out how glass deteriorates and revise corrosion because for the first time since year 11, I am having a SCIENCE TEST. Good lord.


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