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Just fired off an email to Lily Lolo, a UK company specialising in mineral makeup. In their FAQ’s they say the don’t test their products or ingridients on animals, and neither do their suppliers. Very good. But I have the latest edition of the Naturewatch Shopping Guide, and Lily Lolo isn’t mentioned in either the goodies or the baddies list.

I really hope that the reply is positive. What is promising is that they only use a certain selection of minerals, so hopefully they have been fully tested for skin irritation/toxicity etc etc many moons ago. They produce foundation in sample jars and have £1 p&p, which is awesome, because buying foundation over the internet can be a proverbial minefield.

I do covet Urban Decay’s liquid and mineral foundations, but they are upwards of £16 and whilst not tested on animals and awesome looking (their eye makeup is great) if I can reduce the chemicals on my face, I will.

In Other News: I walked into a revolving door, was hit in a face with a whole salmon and sang Take A Chance On Me in a hallway after a lot of rosé wine with my friends. It was a good week till my best chum au revoired her way to India for 6 weeks and I realised I have a LOT of work to be doing.


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Something happy to quell my rage…

So yeah, I’m raged because despite opening a dispute file or whatever its called over those two Betamax payments, Paypal have let one go though into my bank account! Wow, good job you nutsacks. ARGHHHH!

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“Hey man, thats a swede swede you’re swedings”

The big news today aka OMG I NEARLY DIED. Not.

Yep, Market Rasen is roughly 10-15 miles from Lincoln (as the crow flies).  It was fun, in a completely weird way. Woke up to the house shaking and all these weird creaky noises and bright lights and my first thought was that the military had blockaded the council estate near us Shameless/28 Days Later style. Mum was at work on a night shift and after the rumbling stopped, Dad came into my room and we had a look outside and concluded it was ‘tremors’. In fact, I was more bothered about more stuff happening as there is a bloody big birch tree right outside my window.

Feel free to shoot me down here, but GMTV’s wildly hysterical coverage of the earthquake was unbelivable. They seemed to phone interview randoms about nothing in particular. “I LIVE IN WATFORD/MANCHESTER/BIRMINGHAM BLAH BLAH BLAH AND MY TELLY FELL OFF THE WALL!!!” No it didn’t, don’t make rubbish up to get on the telly and talk with the quite frankly vacant and perpetually irritating Fiona Phillips. I live in Lincoln and all my precariously balanced crap in my room (inc. TV on rubbishy stand) stayed put. I call bull.

Fun stuff:

Brass bird ring, approx £20

That be mine! I’m rubbish at keeping rings so fingers crossed I keep this one (I might just weld it to my hand) . The listing is for an S, but the artist is shortening it for me to a K. I have a thing for bird motifs at the mo, I blame my ‘rents and all of their bird books.

Actually, talking of rings, this is a post from Modblog a week or so ago that could solve my losing rings problem:


Unlikely But True: Finger Ring Piercing – Modblog

I mean, I’m obviously far too OCD regarding germs to ever do that, but its pretty neat that she’s healed a very difficult piercing and kept it looking swanky.

Oh, and Be Kind Rewing was vair vair good. Taps in to all those childhood games of pretending you’re on telly (which is actually just a big old box with a hole in it) or trying to be allowed to play with the camcorder (never happened).

As you’ve seen from the trailer, the remake films are ‘sweded’ versions. This made me laugh like the drain because when some Swedish exchange student that our mates were paired with came to our school, we took to changing all adjectives and nouns to ‘swede’ (see title of post). It was infinitely hilarious to us and the (actual) Swedes.




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Two things that are awesome.

The first is nerdy, the second was yummy.

Awesome Thing No. 1 – Me being allowed near historical objects, viz:

The object is a slater’s knife, used surprisingly enough for cutting and applying slate for roofs (I’m convinced the plural of roof should be rooves but hey.). Its forged from iron and has a wooden handle core. It was corroded, the wood was dry and brittle and had previously suffered from wood-boring insect infestation. There was also something that had been spilt on it.

3-in-1 oil, some wire wool, white spirit, Synperonic A7 (a detergent) and Renaissance Wax later and I had this in my grubby gloved paws:

Even if you know zilch about conservation or couldn’t quite frankly give a crap, you have to admit that for a first try, thats pretty neato. The aim was to make the object stable but also aesthetically pleasing, without making it look un-natural. I could have used the airbrasive machine and blasted the corrosion off, and I would have ended up with a shiny grey knife. But you don’t expect a century-odd old piece of building equipment to be nice and shiny do you?

Awesome Thing No. 2 – The last time I ever drunkenly agree to bake a complex cake

Okay, this wasn’t a solo effort. I managed to snaffle my pallypals Jules and Beth to help and make a bit of a nice day of it. It was for our friend Phil, Chap-reading, winkle-picker-wearing, vinyl aficionado Noughties Mod and his Modtastic 19th birthday party. The drunken agreement was made after a few free karafes of wine on the last night in Athens.

The recipe was from the newly boycotted Delia ‘I can’t get into the politics of food’ Smith, from a tatty old book of hers my parents bought when they moved in together in the early 80’s. My fresh distate for Delia happened last week when it became apparent that her new book ‘How To Cheat At Cooking’ was essentially about creating ready meals (i.e. tinned beef mince with frozen mashed potato in the oven apparently makes a ‘cottage pie’. AS IF)

Don’t even get me started on the varying comments she has made about organic food and animal welfare recently.

Luckily, I can remember the cake recipe off by heart so HAH. Its a chocolate cake, covered in chocolate buttercream, black icing record, liquorice stylus (we had to go tot local shops in order to get a sherbet fountain for this!), Jelly Tot knobs (Jelly Tots are now veggie, before you ask) and icing speakers/dials. Yum.

The cake was fantastico. So much so I found myself scraping the leftover buttercream out of the lid of a biscuit tin I brought it in at 2am whilst drinking a can of cider. Good times.


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This is a happy song.

I know you’ve all heard this song and I’m like to sound just not ‘edgy’ enough considering it was on an ipod advert ages ago and I dunno…sold out or something? I have no idea. Point is, I like it.

Feist – 1 2 3 4

I heard it in full length and watched the video for the first time the other day and I was, quite frankly charmed. First of all, I wish I could walk around in cobalt blue spangly catsuits and secondly, she dances like me and that is very endearing. I really like her voice too and the song is just cute, the bit they chose for the advert really wasn’t the best part.

Also, the video had an air of ‘much better Gap’ about it. Talking of that, found the best old Gap advert:


When this came out I was in Year 9 and we used to sit at the back of our form room swinging on our chairs singing it (ditto ‘Everybody Dance Now’ during Maths with loopy head movement and guttural voice synths, oh yah). Funny though, Gap asking us to start a love train when they have had sweat-shop accusations and human rights allegations. Hmmm.

My new card arrived, huzzah and hurrah! And I’m starting a new project as well. I was really inspired by this watch on Etsy:

Frenchy Watch – £18ish

Love it. Unfortunatley the band is made of leather so that is a no for me. So I’m planning to make a watch sorta similar to that one, but I’ll use a layered gabardine or denim instead of leather and add my own touches. I’m waiting till I get the ribbon and fabric before getting the watch face (there are loads on ebay). I’ve already bought the ribbon off Etsy, I fell in love with it instantly!

From Matatabi’s shop – £1.50

Eeeee…I’m excited! I also finished working on my first historical object on Wednesday, so I’ll post before + after cards once I’ve finished my lab record card.

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I’m going to put it in my fridge

I’m going to disagree with Go Fug Yourself here:

Marion Cotillard’s BAFTA dress is wonderful and craps all over the others (especially Thandie Newton’s, the so called best dress. Ditto Sienna Miller, everyone went loopy over it. It was frumpy in the front and trying too hard in the back. Those sorts of high neck, backless dresses do not look right). The GFY fairytale scenario is vair amusant, mind. I think the floaty ‘wings’ lend this dress and angelic demureness that transforms the sparkly dress from ‘Friday night party dress’ to Awesome with a capital a.

Hey look, its Valentines day! All this week GMTV have been doing husband makeovers to make dowdy women’s husband more romantic at 7.30am. Yuck.

1. Most of these women have been like ‘Ooooh, colin has never been romantic in all the the 1006 years we’ve been seeing each other.’ Well then you knew what he was like when you married him, so deal with it.

2. How embarassing is it to be hauled up on national telly by that personality-less Jenni Falconer to be told that basically you are a rubbish husband, but it can all be made okay with some flowers, a scrambled egg and some violins.

Me and my Mum were just like ‘sod that’. Tonight I’m going out with my mates (I have a radar that apparently transmits the phrase ‘boyfriended’ to all males under the age of 30, so Leo needn’t worry, they already stay away), not sure where. Leo is going to Manchester to see Dillenger Escape Plan and eat curry.

I did write him a message in the British Heart Foundation window that read ‘To Leo, Lets get in the Pringle man’s face and dance in our pants, love Holly Panda’ that he can read on his way to the train station. No cards or pressies as we are vair lazy.

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He got possessed by a dolphin!

The title was Leo’s answer to a video clip question on Big Fat Quiz of the Year last night. Unsurprisingly we got it wrong, but Leo and I (Team Wheelie-Bin)  got equal first with my parents. The tie-breaker from Danny (chemistry student) was ‘What is the melting point of tungsten?’

We may have had an unfair advantage.

(July 2007, Edinburgh ‘cartoon’ exhibition thingy. It invited us to add our own fish, and add we did)

I still didn’t get it right though.

Message to Noel Fielding – sort your hair out mate.

And I thought Lily Allen looked lovely as well.

Some nice recent etsy finds:

 Give Peas a Chance necklace – £25


Birthday Cake hair clip – £4.50(ish)

Alright, well I best get mein glad-rags on because New Year’s Eve partying starts earlier that non-New Year’s Eve partying. Quite what to wear I don’t know. I might end up at the cathedral, in which warmth will be no. 1 priority.  But I might not….eep.

See you in 2008 (ARGHHHH, I am not good with New Years. To me, every passing year is a year away from care-free teenager-dom and one more towards death, wage-slavery and crippling resentment of the days of yore. But atleast this year I won’t get drunk on bacardi and fall asleep watching This Is Spinal Tap whilst my dad potters about in the garage like I did when ’03 became ’04. Then I cried, as if to top it off my performance as a bitter, socially awkward 16 year old.)

Should you end a post in brackets?

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