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Pretty cool…

Oh hai there, Mr. Kele Okereke of the BLLLOOOCCC PAARTTY (insert rubbish Kele impression here) all up there with your Corona beer. I hear you’re doing a DJ set at one of Lincoln’s more snazzy nightclubs, Sakura. Well thats pretty cool, ain’t it? I do like you, maybe I’ll come for a looksee. It’ll be more that just a looksee at 12 quid, mind.



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Mungo Merry Dairylea

I’m gonna come out and say it, at risk of being pillaged by music-types: I thought Over and Over by Hot Chip was irritating as hell when it got to the chorus.

However, I forgive these weird London blokes because of their song that is admittedly not new, but wot I heard for the first time on Thursday night:

Granted, new songs seem bloody fantastic when you’re drunk (I woke up on Friday morning and could barely move my neck, I’m an ‘enthusiastic’ dancer. ‘Holly has shown great enthusiasm for team sports but unfortunately is not technically competent’. That sort of enthusiastic) . I love his slightly melancholic voice, it struck me quite hard on Thursday night.
Cool: Be Kind Rewind tonight
Cool 2: VK price crash to 60p at the Glasshouse on Friday night. I never knew they did a stock-market style thing on a Friday but it was awesome.
Cool-sort-of 3: I keep meaning to mention this, but if you type in ‘i wish it was me you chose’ (i.e. the lyrics to Elvis Aint Dead by Scouting For Girls) the first post to come up is the one I made about my guilty enjoyment for the song. I think that is some sort of result.

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This is a happy song.

I know you’ve all heard this song and I’m like to sound just not ‘edgy’ enough considering it was on an ipod advert ages ago and I dunno…sold out or something? I have no idea. Point is, I like it.

Feist – 1 2 3 4

I heard it in full length and watched the video for the first time the other day and I was, quite frankly charmed. First of all, I wish I could walk around in cobalt blue spangly catsuits and secondly, she dances like me and that is very endearing. I really like her voice too and the song is just cute, the bit they chose for the advert really wasn’t the best part.

Also, the video had an air of ‘much better Gap’ about it. Talking of that, found the best old Gap advert:


When this came out I was in Year 9 and we used to sit at the back of our form room swinging on our chairs singing it (ditto ‘Everybody Dance Now’ during Maths with loopy head movement and guttural voice synths, oh yah). Funny though, Gap asking us to start a love train when they have had sweat-shop accusations and human rights allegations. Hmmm.

My new card arrived, huzzah and hurrah! And I’m starting a new project as well. I was really inspired by this watch on Etsy:

Frenchy Watch – £18ish

Love it. Unfortunatley the band is made of leather so that is a no for me. So I’m planning to make a watch sorta similar to that one, but I’ll use a layered gabardine or denim instead of leather and add my own touches. I’m waiting till I get the ribbon and fabric before getting the watch face (there are loads on ebay). I’ve already bought the ribbon off Etsy, I fell in love with it instantly!

From Matatabi’s shop – £1.50

Eeeee…I’m excited! I also finished working on my first historical object on Wednesday, so I’ll post before + after cards once I’ve finished my lab record card.

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I wish it was me you chose.

With any luck, by the time I post this, Leo won’t look at my blog and I will have a day or two before he sees this is and disowns me.

I like Elvis Aint Dead by Scouting For Girls (video)

I know. Okay, more to the point, I love the the chorus, partly because I heard it when I was drunk and just started yelling ‘I WISH IT WAS ME YOU CHOSE’ like I was exorcising some teenage demon of mine. Its a nice ditty. Bugger off ok?

Argh, I’m having my hair-did tomorrow. I really must do something with it but I am loathed to have it cut ‘cut, just in case I end up hating it and am stuck with it. I had all my long ‘Neil-from-the-young-ones’-esque hair lopped off at the beginning of 2003 to a shoulder length, layered do. It became a total mess and I spent the best part of 2003/04/(05 as well, actually) with hair at various lengths and with an amusing array of dodgy fringes. It was occasionally perfect, but not often enough to make it a good hair cut.

Here it is, as of August last year. Its what my hair looks when it air dries. I sleep on it and it goes rubbish so I straighten it and it becomes a heavy, thick here-nor-there barnet. I’m so coy here with my eyes on the side of my head. Ignore the face (and blur and sideways rotation), I just wanted to document nice hair ness:

Its a bit longer now and my fringe has gone out of control. Its too ‘full’ and short in the pic above, but now its too long and splits into two and gets stuck on the wrong side of my nose and oh lordy.

I briefly considered an a-line bob (ala Victoria Beckham when she first had her extensions removed, but longer) but I can’t bear to cut too much off and I can’t trust my hair to behave. What I will probably end up having is it really thinned out, layered, shorter at the back than at the front (but still long) and have something done with this ruddy fringe of mine. I can’t just have a trim, I need something done to my hair.

/Hair ramble over.


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You look like Babe Ruth’s gay brother. Gabe Ruth.

Okay, I have to exhibit something and I’m pretty sure its nothing I could get arrested for. Its not like streaking, thank ze lord.

Hadouken, brightly coloured synth-wielding lords of the imaginary ‘nu-rave’ scene. They hooked me in with ‘That Boy That Girl’. Then they released Liquid Lives. Some people have called me ’roundabout’ in the past, and when I downloaded a remix version of Liquid Lives, rather than the actual single (which I also own on vinyl), I can see what they mean. Most people download remixes after.

Imagine, how incredibly ‘blah’ I was upon popping the vinyl into the player and hearing this:

This is a case of the remix being better than the original. I have trawled the internetz to find a streamed mp3 version of this song, which should indicate just how awesome and not mediocre (like the original) it is. It is remixed by Debonair and Aaron LaCrate and its is brillio.

Liquid Lives (Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Remix)

(Note, you may need to enable popups for the above link and its not really work safe as there are little ads of women taking their knickers off. Because nothing says ‘class’ like taking off your clothes on the internet)

P.S Its snowing! Not much, but Lincolnshire, the barren county that it is, actually has snow!

P.P.S Howies start their online sale tomorrow. I’m never much keen on many people’s winter collections, so I might wait until the spring/summer, which is good because I’m still waiting on an American Apparel order I placed in October (!) for a U-neck tank top in ‘eggplant’, a 8-button pullover in ‘olive’ and boy briefs in ‘pink/red’. They are all on backorder apparently and no sign of a re-stocking estimate. Grrrr.

 P.P.P.S I had a pretty groovy New Years Eve, but the first few days of the New Year always make me feel a bit funny. Plus, Athens soon, I hate flying but I also had being away from the people I love. Its pathetic, I know. I’m lucky to have everything I have in life so I am just being a silly bee! Ha!

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ARGH. M.I.A is performing at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham this MONDAY. I would go, but this is what is stopping me:

a. I can’t get home

b. I have absolutely no one to go with. Leo said that at a push he would come see her with me as a ‘nice boyfriend gesture’ but he works every Monday night.

Bums bums bums. How did I not hear about this earlier to make plans?! She better bloody tour again, or at least play Leeds festival again like she did in ’05 (or was it ’06??) which i missed because I was a less enlightened soul.

Anyway, I’m off Darn Sarf today for a weekend of Festive Family Frolics and some other family stuff. Larks aplenty. My head has this weird pressure in it, but I have an entire weekend off work, so I can’t complain. Especially as its one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year, hahaha. I am working Xmas Eve 8-5.30…ouch. If anyone comes in asking for a turkey bigger than Guam (we sell those) I will just beat them to death with a frozen leg of lamb.

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I dial the radio and tell the man he is talking to a superstar.

Some videos Leo showed me yestertag:

The Ghost Frequency – Nightmare

Reuben – Christmas Is Awesome

I either want Reuben to be Chrimbo no. 1 or the Ernie K Doe song ‘Here come the girls’ (the one from the Boots advert that in one go exposes how shallow, yet awesome, yet terribly insecure women are about the way they look. Or maybe I am just reading too much into things)

Ernie K Doe, Here Come The Girls.

Erm, nothing much else to report except I saw an elf today at work.

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