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Two things that are awesome.

The first is nerdy, the second was yummy.

Awesome Thing No. 1 – Me being allowed near historical objects, viz:

The object is a slater’s knife, used surprisingly enough for cutting and applying slate for roofs (I’m convinced the plural of roof should be rooves but hey.). Its forged from iron and has a wooden handle core. It was corroded, the wood was dry and brittle and had previously suffered from wood-boring insect infestation. There was also something that had been spilt on it.

3-in-1 oil, some wire wool, white spirit, Synperonic A7 (a detergent) and Renaissance Wax later and I had this in my grubby gloved paws:

Even if you know zilch about conservation or couldn’t quite frankly give a crap, you have to admit that for a first try, thats pretty neato. The aim was to make the object stable but also aesthetically pleasing, without making it look un-natural. I could have used the airbrasive machine and blasted the corrosion off, and I would have ended up with a shiny grey knife. But you don’t expect a century-odd old piece of building equipment to be nice and shiny do you?

Awesome Thing No. 2 – The last time I ever drunkenly agree to bake a complex cake

Okay, this wasn’t a solo effort. I managed to snaffle my pallypals Jules and Beth to help and make a bit of a nice day of it. It was for our friend Phil, Chap-reading, winkle-picker-wearing, vinyl aficionado Noughties Mod and his Modtastic 19th birthday party. The drunken agreement was made after a few free karafes of wine on the last night in Athens.

The recipe was from the newly boycotted Delia ‘I can’t get into the politics of food’ Smith, from a tatty old book of hers my parents bought when they moved in together in the early 80’s. My fresh distate for Delia happened last week when it became apparent that her new book ‘How To Cheat At Cooking’ was essentially about creating ready meals (i.e. tinned beef mince with frozen mashed potato in the oven apparently makes a ‘cottage pie’. AS IF)

Don’t even get me started on the varying comments she has made about organic food and animal welfare recently.

Luckily, I can remember the cake recipe off by heart so HAH. Its a chocolate cake, covered in chocolate buttercream, black icing record, liquorice stylus (we had to go tot local shops in order to get a sherbet fountain for this!), Jelly Tot knobs (Jelly Tots are now veggie, before you ask) and icing speakers/dials. Yum.

The cake was fantastico. So much so I found myself scraping the leftover buttercream out of the lid of a biscuit tin I brought it in at 2am whilst drinking a can of cider. Good times.



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Who is Old Gregg

I’m Old Gregg.



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I wish it was me you chose.

With any luck, by the time I post this, Leo won’t look at my blog and I will have a day or two before he sees this is and disowns me.

I like Elvis Aint Dead by Scouting For Girls (video)

I know. Okay, more to the point, I love the the chorus, partly because I heard it when I was drunk and just started yelling ‘I WISH IT WAS ME YOU CHOSE’ like I was exorcising some teenage demon of mine. Its a nice ditty. Bugger off ok?

Argh, I’m having my hair-did tomorrow. I really must do something with it but I am loathed to have it cut ‘cut, just in case I end up hating it and am stuck with it. I had all my long ‘Neil-from-the-young-ones’-esque hair lopped off at the beginning of 2003 to a shoulder length, layered do. It became a total mess and I spent the best part of 2003/04/(05 as well, actually) with hair at various lengths and with an amusing array of dodgy fringes. It was occasionally perfect, but not often enough to make it a good hair cut.

Here it is, as of August last year. Its what my hair looks when it air dries. I sleep on it and it goes rubbish so I straighten it and it becomes a heavy, thick here-nor-there barnet. I’m so coy here with my eyes on the side of my head. Ignore the face (and blur and sideways rotation), I just wanted to document nice hair ness:

Its a bit longer now and my fringe has gone out of control. Its too ‘full’ and short in the pic above, but now its too long and splits into two and gets stuck on the wrong side of my nose and oh lordy.

I briefly considered an a-line bob (ala Victoria Beckham when she first had her extensions removed, but longer) but I can’t bear to cut too much off and I can’t trust my hair to behave. What I will probably end up having is it really thinned out, layered, shorter at the back than at the front (but still long) and have something done with this ruddy fringe of mine. I can’t just have a trim, I need something done to my hair.

/Hair ramble over.


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I hate wet bread.



My Nanny’s cat looks like one of those gelatinous people Jerry Springer occasionally does specials on. Y’know the ones where firemen have to remove an entire wall of the persons house to hoist them out.

That or he has been caught interfering with himself. I’m not going to judge.

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Alright Ginge, hows your *beep*? No, its ‘Ginger’ like Ginger Rogers. Its not ‘ginge’. I’m out of a bottle anyway.

I’m going to make a rough estimate here. I think I made over 200 gingerbread stars last night. I know. There was me looking at the dough and thinking “pssh, I’m never going to have enough to take to university chums, work lovelies, family and friends”. However, my pally pal Jenn and I used the recipe in the summer and although we made some very deformed looking gingerbread men, it did make a lot. But not as much as this!

The recipe is from, and it is here. It is just the right amount of ginger, but I may have overbaked a few batches so some are gingerbready and some are gingerbiscuity. But all are covered in G&B milk chocolate, so yum.

So, if I come back from Festive Family Fun-times this weekend (I’m off work, HUZZAH!) and find that all my uni friends (do not be mistaken, I have some) and all my work chums have dropped dead well then I am sorry. Alright?

p.s. They do taste nice. After taking a few pics I may have snaffled one. mmmm.

p.p.s They were originally going to have those silver sugar balls in ear corner but a. I would have been at least 50 years old by the time I would have finished decorating them and b. they have dead pigs in them. WHY DO SUGAR BALLS HAVE GELATINE IN THEM??? Its not even like they are chewy. Bloody people putting dead in everything they can. Hundreds and thousands are much more festive though. And e-numbered.

Oh, and on the body-modification front, Shannon Larratt posted this awesome pic on Bodytwo:

Atypical/Untried Modification Ideas

Aesthetically, I think that its gorgeous. I’m good with needles (that doesn’t mean that my mods didn’t hurt, but that its didn’t put me off), but I can’t see myself being sewed into. I do love ‘stitched’ tattoos which emulate the effect, but I would love to see more people experiment with this technique. If the ‘stitches’ could be made to be permanent, rather than leaving ink/pigment behind and then disintegrating, I wonder if it would be akin to implants, as depending on the thickness of stitch used, would it create a 3D effect on the skin?

p.p.p.s (is this right? To hell with grammar) The title of this post is lyrics to the weird B-side of Spice Up Your Life (hurray spice girls) called Spice Invaders.

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ITS SNOW! (actually it was foam but for half a minute we were reduced to childlike glee)

If this entry makes no sense it is because in the last 24 hours I have been on a night out, had roughly two hours interrupted sleep, done a science test, done a seminar and wandered round in the cold.

Anyway, this is mostly for Chris (who should get this sharpish, unless the stuff about the RSS feed was a blantant lie). Chris wants a digital SLR (HO HO HO, says I, in a totally un-santarish way, knowing full well that your average digital SLR costs more than the GNP of some small republics)

I’ll proceed without such heavy use of bracket (BUT I LOVE THEM SOOO) . I said that mine was a sortof bridge-esque camera (Fuji Finepix S5500) because you can get all manual if you want or you can just take pictures of your friends in their pants during Bruce Springsteen songs. He mentioned putting up some pics of slow shutter light effects and fun things like that.

Last year, when the Lincoln Xmas Market came on, we were asked at college to take 50 ‘interesting’ pictures of the market, which instantly means that any ideas fell out my ears. I do not claim the following to be artistic, but you will soon realise that I love shiny things, lights and glitter. And stars and bubbles (A bubble stand was where all the multi-coloured lighty ones are from). And stuff like that.

Okay, so they’re not great, but they have colours in them so I am happy. And there are no middle-aged bald men in the foreground with their irritable wives like there were in 50% of my other pics.

I went up to the Xmas Market today (and met up with El Leo and Chris), as my university building is actually part of the market (that really confused me this morning) so I am fairly close. The Xmas market is half local/speciality foods/handicrafts and half commercial crap and fairground rides. And everybody walks so flipping slow.

I do wish I had bought some of the handmade chips though.

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