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Mmm, sweet sweet pie

Okay, so that isn’t meant to be the title of this post, but I unconsciously started typing ‘Mmm’ into the title box, and that is what came up. Previously, some pie-obsessed loon (probably my adoring boyfriend Leo) must have written something with a pie-based title. Or I had a relapse. Anyway.
I think this is lovely:

fredflare thermal top

‘cozy heather thermal top’

I also think the model’s hair is lovely, but I suffer from perpetual hair envy (I am blessed with mouse brown hair that is also clinically insane). That’s not the point.

This top is what I desire from Leo for Consumermas. Unfortunately do not deliver to Blighty.
So now, to concoct a hair-brain plan to acquire it.

As the post began pie-related, so it will end, pie related:


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