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Its the littlest things.

Okay, time for a little rant, I know how you love them.

As I have mentioned before, I enjoy answering questions on Yahoo Answers. I’m also getting alright at having mine voted ‘best answer’. On one particular question I had assumed that either me or this other girl had won ‘best answer’.

Are No7 products tested on animals?

As you can see, the ‘best answer’ is wellll….yanno. Look at it.

More to the point, it is wrong. Scroll down, and look at Fluffycat1930’s great answer. Then scroll down and there is some bint called Holly with another good answer (hehe) .

Quoted from the Boots website: We do not use animals to test our products, nor do we have animal testing conducted on our behalf by anyone else. Instead, we ensure product safety through state-of-the-art testing methods on human volunteers.”

Sounds quite good doesn’t it? In addition, Naturewatch state that Boots supports its suppliers in choosing cruelty free testing methods, but crucially, Boots do not have a fixed cut-off date (FCOD). Barry M, for example, have a FCOD of 1990. They will not use any INGREDIENTS tested on animals after 1990 and are committed to not testing the finished products on animals. Boots may very well not test their PRODUCTS on animals, but they ingredients will have been, meaning they are not cruelty free and by proxy, the products are tested on animals.

Obviously, the questioner chose the answer that suited her best, not a right one.

Actually, I quite like Boots. Okay, so they have aisle after aisle of rubbish animal tested products (L’Oreal, Max Factor, Rimmell, Gillette, Lynx, Palmolive, Colgate…I could go on and on) but they also give me a convenient High St makeup and hair stop off. They sell Barry M makeup (I have become a convert to their liquid eyeliner, I just need more practice), Lee Stafford haircare & perfume (Pink Fusion is my new perfume, it smells divine) and for the boys they sell Fish and King of Shaves. All have FCOD, all are cruelty free.

In Other News – After the shitstorm that was the end of last week, I had a god weekend. I got fed yummy curry and listened to the Pokemon theme tune in honour of Danny’s bday, came quite a good place at the Spoon game, walked around town on a Saturday night with eyeliner freckles and drank wine. My till jammed up at the busiest time on Sunday though and it was total mayhem, but Leo, Danny and Libby surprised me after work and we went to the local ice-cream place (you can see the cows raving it up in the fields so I’m happy) because it was sunny for once! Much monopoly has also been played.

Alssssooo….LEEEDDDSS 2008! Line up is fab already. So far, I want to see RATM, Bloc Party, Tenacious D, Slipknot, Biffy, We Are Scientists, Feeder (for Echo Park stuff),  DIZZEE RASCAL, Womabts, MANICS! (but I bet there will be a total lack of The Holy Bible), Justice, Foals, Pendulum and maybe Conor Oberst so I can be 15 again.

So yes, a bountiful festival already, and no need to worry about tickets. Leo, his brother and I got3 of the limited presales for 2008 last year. We just hoped that others would join us and the lineup would be good. Judging by my friend’s status updates on facebook and that fact that Leo accidentally booked 3 weekend tickets last night, the party at the hippy bitch tent will commence!


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Uh oh, family stuff means I’m off Darn Sarf for a day and a bit today.

My other reason for not writing much is that despite the fact I am on ‘Easter Break’ I have been working/covering for other people pretty much all the time. I also have university work to do, but hey, people of Lincoln need feeding cheap ready meals and I have to be subservient. After all, I am only a shop assistant and therefore must be thick as shit.

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“We could start flinging baked beans at the window like monekys fling poo. That would keep the customers away”

Microdermal (aka, what-on-earth-were-you-thinking-Holly) News: The two closest to my sternum are going batshit insane. The one that I originally caught on my bath towel in what seems so long ago it could have been 1996 has been in, then out, then it went back in again, now it is in limbo. The heel is under my skin, but the skin has not closed around it, leaving it vulnerable.

The one that I lost the disc for in Athens (probably lurking in the Agora somewhere. Archaelogists will dig it up in 100 and think they’ve found some bizarre Hellenic object. Until they test it, of course) was kinda bruised but OK. Then it decided to try and escape too. So it was ‘sweated out’ which had worked for the others really well. It was really red and sore though, unlike the others. Now its blistered. Which is awful.

So I’m ringing up Thou Art tomorrow and in some ways I want the bad two out of my body by the end of this week. I’m fed up, Leo is fed up and my body is obviously fed up. The other two are fine and so are all my other piercings. I hope they might give me some topical anaesthetic when I have them removed as having them put in was bad enough.

I’ve started to contribute on Yahoo UK Answers, partly because answering questions is fun (I mostly lurk in Beauty & Style so I can recommend non-animal tested products and answer piercing/mod questions) and also because I like the sound of my own voice. I wouldn’t write a blog, diary and have a running monologue in my head if I didn’t. I don’t actually like the ‘sound’ of my own voice. Hearing myself on video makes me gag because I sound like a 50 year old man with an all-over-the-place accent. Not the point. I noticed that on a lot of surface piercing questions on Yahoo Answers, there is often an answer that recommends getting microdermals as the safe, no-rejection METHOD OF THE FUTURE! More often than not, the question poster is someone who can barely describe what they want done. Microdermals are a semi-permanent mod. Whilst they don’t require blades to be put in, they are new technology. They fix themselves under your skin and nobody can agree on how to get them out (hemostats, needles or scalpels seem to be the three most popular). If I have mine removed I know there will be scars and I will have to deal with them. My body is hardly a perfect canvas anyway, so it is unlikely to matter. But it worries me that microdermals are being peddled as the one stop solution to surface piercings’ problems.

Anyway. Enough about that.

I’ve been meaning to post this for ages, I found it on Boing Boing a while back:

The Mandala of Perfect Happiness by Chris Harvey

I really like it, partly because of the beautifully combined colours, and the shapes they bring together. It makes me think of some post-apocalyptic city, where they melted down all of the 20th century’s useless plastic and refashioned it into a smiley-faced utopia in order to restore civilisation. I only hope that they do better at running the world than we do at the moment.

Everytime I look at it though, I always think of the Angkor Wat in Cambodia:


I mean, its not strictly the same shape, but South East Asian architecture in my mind has this tapered, skyward appearance. On a similar note, I love the the collection of South Asian Hindu figures at the V&A. Its like ‘oh, that one has stretched earlobes’….’that one too’ ….’YAY!’. I’m easily pleased.

 The Times gave away some free board and TV game CD-roms and one of them was Monopoly and I fear I have become addicted. I am crap at it though, and whenever one of the computer player’s goes bankrupt, do they ever give their properties and money to be, bollocks do they. If they do its all mortgaged and it is loads to unmortgage it.

This is getting long. On a final note, I might be adopting some Roborovski hamsters!

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That has made my day. I am currently wrestling (mentally, not physically) with a revision guide to ‘museum environment’. It is stupendously complex for someone with my lack of brain. However, I have heard that as you progress as a conservator (I always want to write conservatory) you become spectacularly anally retentive about relative humdity and light sources but as long as I don’t buy an clock-style RH meter and put in my kitchen I will be OK.

In CRIME RIDDEN BRITAIN OMG news – Paypal have refunded me my money to my paypal account (not my bank account) after 3 emails. I tried to ring up Nationwide’s Fraud department (they are almost like my best friends I call them so much). I was on hold for like 15 minutes so I trailed off onto looking at panda-related items on etsy, so I was surprised to hear someone and nearly threw my pen. When I replied, I couldn’t hear anything apart from some woman laughing and what it sounds like when you pretended to be asleep on plastic school tables.
I couldn’t shout ‘halllooo’ cos my Mum was asleep so I just waited and I thought I could hear some geezer very quietly but I gave up and ate some crisps instead. STORY OF MY LIFE.
If anyone would like to help me explain pollutant monitoring, pest management and the difference between spotlights, direct sunlight and north daylight I will give you sweets.

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Something happy to quell my rage…

So yeah, I’m raged because despite opening a dispute file or whatever its called over those two Betamax payments, Paypal have let one go though into my bank account! Wow, good job you nutsacks. ARGHHHH!

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Diary of a Douchebag.

Where to start with this blog post? It is essentially a few bits of me being either a total idiot or being screwed over by criminals…again.

I’ll start with the criminals. Hopefully by the time I have to explain my stupid-moment you’ll feel sympathy with me.

I log in to my Hotmail this morning to find a bunch of emails from saying that my account had been suspended over suspicious activity. HERE WE GO AGAIN. I also have two receipts both for 12.50 Euro to a company called “Betamax GmbH & Co” (more about that later). Not to mention a bunch of emails from Skype (I’ve never signed up) to some geezer.

I unlocked my Paypal account and contacted the service team to ensure the payments won’t go through. I changed both my hotmail and paypal passwords. Now onto the Skype thing. I’ve emailed them with the titles and addresses of the emails I received and also the name and username of the person they were addressed to. I’m unlikely to find out the name of the guy who tried to steal my money (AGAIN) but if I do and its this prick on Skype, I’m reporting him to the police, no matter what country he’s in. Probably using a fake name though. Damn.

I also emailed Nationwide to alert them to this paypal thingy. I was getting bored of emailing support teams by now so imagine my infinite joy and elation when after changing my ebay password for security, my new and old passwords for ebay no longer work and neither does TWO password reset requests. ‘Dear Sir/Madam…’. CRIKEY.

Meanwhile, in this crapstorm that is 11th March, I received the camera I won off ebay. A used Nikon compact digital that I won for like £20. I tested it with no card and it seemed fine, so I grabbed my spare card to put in so I could upload shots to my PC to get a better look at the picture quality. The ebay listing said the camera accepted SD cards. Perfect, I have those. But the card wouldn’t go in, despite the grooves on the card and slot being aligned. Its a used/refurbished camera so I assumed things were a little stuff. I pushed it in till it clicked and then pushed it to make it pop out again like it says on the case. Nothing. I looked at my other camera card and they are Fuji XD cards! ARRGHGHH. So now I have the card firmly jammed in there and no way of getting it out. Because I’m a total pratjob. 4 hours slogging it at work and for nothing.

Okay, so we’ve established I have a brain full of crap. More about out friends at Betamax GmbH & Co. From what I can gather from google searches they are a German telecommunications company (supposedly) doing a similar thing to Skype on tens of different domain names like Voip (the word ‘voip’ just reminds me of Teen Gurl Squad).

It seems that lots of people have been affected by this sort of thing (some for thousands of dollars, so I got off lightly, especially with the transaction being suspended…if it stays that way) . It even seems like the company themselves are victims of fraud, but due to their rubbish support and closed-off attitude, anything is possible.

Yesterday I did my first bit of modelling for my pal’s fashion project and the photographer nearly broke my spine trying to get me to manoeuvre myself into all sorts of bizarre arty poses. I also went to see Diary of the Dead and have no idea what to make of it as it was pretty rubbish, but some of the gore was cool. I think I would have preferred to see some more of the lo-fi ‘internet footage’ in the film though. Elliot was cute and they needed to keep the Deaf Amish Samuel dude in for much longer

Did a charity quiz with work on Friday and our team of younguns did so badly that we, the mighty FROZEN PEAS got prizes. My Dad’s team won, so winning Dad, losing daughter.


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I’m gonna eat y’all

Hey, hey…guys. You want to see something not fun? Yeah, I thought so too…

That, my fine friends, is my microdermal attempting to escape from my body. B’stard. That bit of titanium is meant to be sealed inside my body, as there is a hole on that plate that should be holding it there. It isn’t, and it sucks. Its also not meant to be tilting like that!

As for the gunk, its often known as ‘crusties’ (haha eurgh). Its most common around healing piercings, but healed ones get them sometimes too. I think my gunk might also be a bit of dead skin. Which is natural enough, look at house…covered in dead skin. Anyway. Whilst Leo has been applying a combo of sea salt soaks and hot compresses to the area, it refuses to shift. It shifts itself I find after a few days (the warmth of a shower helps loosen it) . At the mo, we’re reluctant to take a damp cotton bud to them (to help shift gunk) just in case they become even worse/explode.

My skin doesn’t normally look like that (like a freshly plucked chicken, ha) its just that I’m mildly allergic to Micropore tape and sticking plasters in that area. The only ones that like me are the self adhesive dressings, which I’ve ran out of.

I’m sending this and other pics of both sets of microdermals to my piercers and see what they say. I’m scared!

Now: Emailing and baking. I’m also working on an Old Gregg costume for a party tomorrow. Pictures promised, if I don’t get stabbed by chavs or mauled by wannabe uni-bound Russell Brands.

Things are still unpredictable family wise at the mo.

P.S! Leo took me on a surprise trip to see Jon Richardson at the uni comedy night after treating me to din-dins. It was vair amusant, but Leo ended up being compared by him to Louis Theroux, and I ended up being some weight-nazi. Funtimes all round!


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