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Mmmm, eco-purchasings

Well, nearly bought (the website is playing silly bees with me):

People Tree jute cosmetic case – £4.50

My make up bags recently have varied. A while ago I was using a carrier bag from Selfridges and Co. After coming back from Berlin and with all my ‘liquids’ sitting in one of those free bags you get from airports so security don’t hack you to death, I just decided to carry on using it. Very classy.

At the minute, I am using a small FCUK bag that I got, complete with body stuff from a relative for Xmas, and I’m gonna guess here, in about 2001. I have never used the FCUK products as ever before I knew about FCOD’s I knew that FCUK products were probably tested on animals. The bag is cute though and has come in very useful.

Unfortunately, the dual knowledge of eBay and that Urban Decay/Hard Candy cosmetics are not tested on animals (FCOD – 2004) has meant that my makeup collection has grown a bit from what it was to include heated eyelash curlers (I am THAT vain. Actually, I got them because conventional curlers don’t work and instead just rip out my eyelashes), and 3 liquid eyeliners…with which I have been making a total mess with. Thus, stuff no longer fits in my FCUK bag and my only other makeup bag is impossible to use because everything is stacked up in the bag. This People Tree one is nice a flat, so I can find everything easily at 7.00am on a Saturday morning and paw stuff onto my face in the vague places it should go.

Also, Hard Candy Stain & Shine (shade – Stop) is my favourite product at the mo, bought from this seller. I remember when a berry coloured cheek stain was produced by the Body Shop (in their pre-L’oreal days), I saw it in a copy of J-17 when I was about 14. It was £10 though, and that was about 2 weeks pocket money, so I never bought it. I remember thinking that it was a lovely deep wine colour, and the model’s cheeks look dewy and rosy, not cakey and pink like the overdone powder blusher of girls at school.

The obvious one now is Benefit’s BeneTint, but predictably, tested on animals. Cue some wanker saying ‘Haha, they blush rabbits cheeks, how can that annoy you?’ The amount of times I’ve had to explain to people that animal testing isn’t doing rabbit fur with hairspray, its about grazing their skin and eyes and putting chemicals in them, amongst other things. Christ, I could burst. Anyway. Then I found Hard Candy’s lip n cheek version. AMAZING.

On the ethical vibe, Sky.com have a 20% off at Adili voucher until the 30th April, so obviously I have been cruising it to use my maths in the quest for ethical bargains!

I have narrowed it down…same top, 2 different colours, viz;

Frank & Faith ‘Beatrice’ bamboo top

Black or this weird colour named ‘mink’? On the F&F site it looks a nice grey. I suit grey, but I wear a lot of grey clothes. On the Adili product page it looks grey in the model picture, but a sort of biscuity colour in the product photo. I generally avoid things that are skin coloured, they probably wash me out and make me look undead.

I also like the black, and black looks quite good on me. But, black is black…its a boring colour and it would obscure the ruching effect which is kinda the focus of the top. Couldn’t it be green…or yellow??? Something? Gah. In the grand scheme of things, not important. But hey.

For din dins: Sainsburys organic tomato & marscapone sauce with Morrisons organic spinach and ricotta tortellini. Yum.


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In out in out shake it all about

My Mum, as may have been previously discussed, is a bit on the loopy side. Last week she was consulting all her diaries since c.2004 to find out the exact day the postman delivered her Wimbledon ticket confirmations. She was even trying to calculate the impact of leap days and working days and maths is not her strong point.

Anyway, she got No. 1 court tickets for the 2nd day of the Championships. She wasn’t disappointed, even though she had been rooting for men’s finals (she has had men’s semi-final tickets the past two years) but is pleased because it gives her more of a fighting chance of seeing this sexpot before he smashes his racquets/breaks his leg:

Mmmm, Marat Safin. Seeing him would possible send my mother into a camcorder-upshorts frenzy but will also complete her Wimbledon Trilogy of Boris Becker (achieved over a decade ago, obv. She contemplated suicide when he gave up pro tennis…forshiz), Rafael Nadal (last year’s semi-finals) and Marat.

What it also means for me is a jolly haunt Darn Sarf to hide upstairs in my Nanny’s house while my Dad prepares ever-smelly tuna or salmon sandwhiches for my Mum and Aunt to gas everyone out on the Tube whilst swigging Pimms from a Sprite bottle.

It meant for me the V&A last year (Surreal Things and an expensive handbag) , Pizza Organic on Old Brompton Road, where I had a crackin pizza and my Dad had a yummy (his words) beef burger and the best freaking jacket chips ever. It also meant the Whole Foods store and general London bound meandering.

I’m already on the look-out for exhibitions to attend and organic restaurants to eat at (maybe just Pizza Organic again!) but whilst my Dad sits in a cafe or potters around the parks I will go to the Howies and American Apparel stores and just go batshit insane (in my mind, we have already discussed how difficult I find it to part with money.)

But, these are the things I would buy from AA if I had a million squids and carbon footprint/cotton production was no problemo and I thought that I wouldn’t look ridiculous in some of these things:


1. Organic jersey t-shirt in ultraviolet/dijon. AA makes the best girly t-shirts and what could be better than it being organic?

2. Stripe calf tube socks in lotsa different colours. As close as I’ll ever get to wearing cool PE kit.

3. Vegas legging in mauve/black. I hate leggings especially shiny ones but the colour and kitsch of these is just so fantastic I couldn’t not post them. See ridiculous item.

4. Poplin hoodie. I like the pale colours, but would prefer brights as my skin tone is roughly that of the actual fabric. But, my favourite part the model, she is lovely. I want her hair (and face) very much.

5. LONG JOHNS! Nuff said.

6. Two tone mini dress. No way I could carry it off in real life, but by Jove it looks nice.

7. Denim short shorts in peacock or almost black. I know every six-former and their mother is doing the shorts-black-tights-heels combo right now, but I seriously think I could rock it as my legs are OK when tights disguise their purpleish hue and it would keep me cool during my funky dance-hoe-downs (I have them)

8. Bandeau dress in raspberry or Black.

9. Mesh tank in gold/burgundy. Its a bit see-through so a tank top underneath would be required but its just such a fantastic colour combo and awesome.

10. Ditto the shorts. What is it with me and glorified 70’s PE Kit. I blame Rockstar by N.E.R.D and Juno. Mind you, I’ve coveted the shorts since the summer.

11. Highlighter u-neck tank in yellow. Would wash me out terribly but fluorescent colours win.

12. Boy briefs in aqua/black. Best pants ever invented.

13. Rib henley in grass. I love green and I love buttons on scoop-necks.

14. Shirred cap sleeve in yellow. Wish there were more non-pale colours for this, but I like the cut. The model is also cute, reminds me a bit of Cheryl Tweedy, the fittest out of Girls Aloud.

So yeah. If you’re not a girl you probably found that boring so best you scrolled now. Gonna go eat a veggie sausage roll. Yum.

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Easily Excitable.

Actually, you know how I posted about that Mivvy hoody by Howies? Well, me being the pathetic victim of card fraud and everything begged Leo to buy me it till my new debit card comes through and I am actually a little too excited for my own good. I literally cannot wait till it is delivered. It looks so warm and cosy and nice and smart but sloppy but kinda dressy. No? You don’t see it? Sod you then.

Also making me excited (and my bank account miserable)  is this. Feb 15th, Howies Spring catalogue! Although, talking of eco-consumerism, there was this article in last week’s Times Style magazine. The jist of it was that we shouldn’t keep up our ludicrous spending habits just because its People Tree, not Primark and to excercise a little make-do. It does make sense. I think the concept applies more to those moneyed types to can afford to buy 2 or even 3 pairs of Beyond Skin shoes per season and still have money for the Ciel collection. That’s not me. The amount of clothes I buy is actually rather small and is normally preceded by extreme worry. I make it a sport. When I was a teenager (pre-job) and my ‘rents treated me to a new item of clothing I would spend at least the next week refusing to take it off and eschewing its wonderful colour/fabric/shape whenever they dared be in the same room as me. I guess it could have been worse, I could have gotten drunk on cider, thrown up on it and then traded it for some weed.

I always tell my parents that I was an easy teenager. I wore ridiculous trousers and too much eyeliner (at least I did when I was 14), but I mostly stayed at home drawing/writing/blogging or making incomprehensibly complex and unrealistic plans RE: boyz with my chumettes.

I also can wear clothes for years (not continuously) which I think is part of the ‘make-do’ philosophy. My parents bought me a t-shirt on my first holiday when I was nine (St. Lucia)  that says ‘Inside this t-shirt is one wicked kid’. I still wear it, partly because I am a total tool and enjoy sarcastic over-self-confidence but also because it still fits.

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Well, at least they were charitable criminals

Two crap things:

1. I’m not very well, and my head feels like its filling up with helium, and not tin the good ‘laughing gas at Leeds festival’ sorta way. The snotty way. I have nearly 10 hours at work tomorrow and refuse to call in sick. That is the stubborn capitalist in me. MONEY.

2. I have been locked out of my bank account for the next week. I received a letter from Nationwide’s Special Investigations team, alerting me that there had been possibly fraudulent transactions on my card. I rang them up, which was a difficult thing for me to do (I hat hate hate phones). My account is now frozen for outgoing payments till I receive my new card and pin number. They tried to buy £250 of goods off the internet, but curiously also tried to make a donation of £2 something to Christian Aid. So they are also nice fraudsters haha.

Weirdly enough, in this climate of fear that most people in Britain live in, I don’t feel violated by this, that someone had my details and thus was trying to pinch my hard-earned wages and student loan. I don’t feel the sudden urge to write a letter to the Daily Mail wailing “I’ve been duped, probably by one of those LORD FORSAKEN Lebanese Loops. As it is called Lebanese, it must mean the criminals are those funny speaking foreigners. VOTE BNP!”

But I’m not, because that is totally bonkers. If anything, I was more pissed off when some scumbag stole my phone out of my work fleece a year ago. It was a brand new phone that cost over £100. It shows the clientèle I get. I had my phone blacklisted and bought a new one. These fraud’sters’ got away with nothing, so yar boo to them.

It does mean that just like when I was 17 I am relying on Mummy and Daddy for moula.

 Not crap things:

1. I love this, but am unsure of whether to get it (not that I’ll have a chance as I can;t use my card, I could beg Leo/my Mum) because its unaccredited wool…but it is looovely:


Mivvy Hoodie, £40 reduced from £80. Howies 

 A flash of colour in the hood, crinkly look, BUTTONS (god, I love buttons on things, its the grandma in me)

2. Whilst fighting our way through the Cake-and-sausage-roll Cub Brigade and 50+ Axa Sun Life Subscriber ‘Oooh isn’t he lovley’ Dodgery Old Woman Society, my Dad and I encountered organic spinach and ricotta tortellini. HUZZAH! My Dad has pledged to only buy organic/free range pig meat now, after reading in the Times that outdoor reared pork still means that the pig spends its last three months in a unroofed shed. Not acceptable.  But my Dad is a chorizo fiend, and organic charcuterie meats are difficult to come by in supermarkets/farmer’s markets. I have found some online suppliers though, so my papi doesn’t have to go without.

Found a lovely alternative to the very pricey Frogprince necklace I posted before:

 Prince Charming, approx £12

Bonus points for being reworked vintage. Saves raw materials and give stuff a new lease of life, and is approx 15% of the price of the other necklace, ha. My Mum is looking for vintage Emerald (her birthstone) rings for her 25th wedding anniversary/birthday (same day, like Shakespeare. My Mum’s ambition is to die on her birthday like him too). I’d personally got for an Art Nouveau piece, but my Mum’s not really a Nouveau person. I imagine her as more Deco than anything.

Anyway, I’m rambling now, so I bid you adieu. (And can I just say that I had my highest number of visitors yesterday, so thanks to you lovely pixelated computer people!)


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Sunshine, lollipops rainbows.

Firstly, may I just say “HUZZAAAH” because I handed in my first term work today!

Secondly, some house porn: The Cheltenham Underground House

The above was featured on Grand Designs the other day and when it was completed I thought it was brilliant. You can’t really get the full view of it from the website gallery though. Okay, so in my opinion there are too many neutral colours (though I love the dark brown wood used) but I like rancid, retina burning colour schemes. But I think my favourite part was the view from the ‘master bedroom’ roof garden. Looking directly down into the ‘underground’ patio-thing…wonderful! Also the giant skylight and the wave shaped light reflectors were pretty groovy.

Thirdly –  Richard Sweeney paper sculptures. You know my love for origami and paper art in general, so seeing this made me happy. Some of the structures are so reminiscent of modular origami I’ve seen.

Fourthly – A bit of guilt venting. I find buying clothes difficult because a. I am an odd shape, b. I torture myself with ethical issues.  A while back I found a lovely pair of twill weave grey slim trousers from Miss Selfridge for £25. Of course, they are neither fairtrade nor organic, but they go with everything and are the perfect cut, and smarter than jeans. I bought another pair in black today (whooops)

Fifthly (this is getting just a tad silly now.)  I am unsure whether to buy this or not:

 I’m not sure whether it looks too….mumsy? I have been eagerly looking for shrugs/mini-cardis for a while as a. they would be v. useful if Britain ever achieves a temperature above 10 degrees. Also, I have a paranoid fear of arseholes ‘fiddling’ with my corset piercings if I wear strap tops/backless tops, and a shrug would be a quick and easy way to wear these tops (Standard cardigans get too hot).

Some would say that that is payback for getting corset piercings and being a tool. Obviously I don’t always wear ribbons in them like in the picture, that was just for my prom, but I still don’t trust people not to try and get their grubby hands on them!

 On the subject of top-half wear, I succumbed and tried on a waistcoat (I know, how painfully trendy. 3 years ago, no one but grooms and grandfathers wore waistcoats)  in Topshop today, with an eye that if it suited me, then I might buy this little vintage number from etsy for…I think it was $10, but it has since been sold. I think the waistcoat suited me, but the one I tried on was £35…so no, and again with the ethical torturing.

Sixth(ly???)  This will be the last one as this is getting ridiculous now. But my boyfriend, the long suffering Leo aka ‘El Nacho Hombre’ (he knows its grammatically incorrect, so don’t bother) has started a blog ici. I don’t know what his game is, stealing my hordes *cough* of faithful readers!

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You look like Babe Ruth’s gay brother. Gabe Ruth.

Okay, I have to exhibit something and I’m pretty sure its nothing I could get arrested for. Its not like streaking, thank ze lord.

Hadouken, brightly coloured synth-wielding lords of the imaginary ‘nu-rave’ scene. They hooked me in with ‘That Boy That Girl’. Then they released Liquid Lives. Some people have called me ’roundabout’ in the past, and when I downloaded a remix version of Liquid Lives, rather than the actual single (which I also own on vinyl), I can see what they mean. Most people download remixes after.

Imagine, how incredibly ‘blah’ I was upon popping the vinyl into the player and hearing this:

This is a case of the remix being better than the original. I have trawled the internetz to find a streamed mp3 version of this song, which should indicate just how awesome and not mediocre (like the original) it is. It is remixed by Debonair and Aaron LaCrate and its is brillio.

Liquid Lives (Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Remix)

(Note, you may need to enable popups for the above link and its not really work safe as there are little ads of women taking their knickers off. Because nothing says ‘class’ like taking off your clothes on the internet)

P.S Its snowing! Not much, but Lincolnshire, the barren county that it is, actually has snow!

P.P.S Howies start their online sale tomorrow. I’m never much keen on many people’s winter collections, so I might wait until the spring/summer, which is good because I’m still waiting on an American Apparel order I placed in October (!) for a U-neck tank top in ‘eggplant’, a 8-button pullover in ‘olive’ and boy briefs in ‘pink/red’. They are all on backorder apparently and no sign of a re-stocking estimate. Grrrr.

 P.P.P.S I had a pretty groovy New Years Eve, but the first few days of the New Year always make me feel a bit funny. Plus, Athens soon, I hate flying but I also had being away from the people I love. Its pathetic, I know. I’m lucky to have everything I have in life so I am just being a silly bee! Ha!

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J’ai baisé beaucoup de grenouilles (I haven’t really)

‘Smack’, by Draco


I love this new Threadless design, it reminds me of something out of the old Diana/Twinkle annuals from the 70’/80’s that I have somehow acquired, despite not being born till 1987!



Anything that has robins on is made 10x better, hence why I chose to post the 1972 over any of the others (the ones I have from the mid-80’s are a gorgeous, yet slightly retina burning blue). I think robins are just the cutest British birds, but I’m a fan of birds, fish, fluffy animals, weird insects etc.


Roberta the winter Robin

I favourited that on Etsy the other day, and I’ve decided to try and do my own version instead. After all, I did make Leo a felt panda for our first anniversary (I know in my bonjour page it says I like panda, just how much I like pandas will become apparent soon enough)

So yeah. GLITTERTASTIC Lush purchases today:

Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar

Twinkle bath ballistic

Youki-Hi bath ballistic

Silver Cloud ballistic (free from the samples basket because I am brilliant/obsessed)

I’ve started to look forward to my post-conservation practical, pre-going out Thursday baths. If I have a new, unlistened one, I’ll put the Russell Howard & Jon Richardson podcast on, smash a bath ballistic against the bath (that means you get two for the price of one. As Mark says in Peep Show “Hey, 33% extra free. I am doing excellent shopping. My depressed state of mind means being even more frugal than usual.”) and get GLITTERY! Because, as I said to the girl in Lush today, everything in life in 10x better when you are covered in stupid amounts of glitter.

The baths are mostly on Thursday, but as I have plentiful bath bounty I may vary it. Not that you care, obviously. I’m just saying.

Now. I am going to find out how glass deteriorates and revise corrosion because for the first time since year 11, I am having a SCIENCE TEST. Good lord.


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