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La souris, sous la table

Update on the Lily Lolo quest –

I got a reply from them in my junk folder and accidently clicked ‘mark as unsafe’ which deleted it. I emailed them again, explaining I am a few shots short of the bottle (not literally). I got another very quick reply, which said that their current supplier cannot provide a FCOD, but that in June they are switching to a contract manufacturer because, amongst other things, they will have a FCOD.

I’m not sure whether to wait till June to see what happens, or buy from them now anyway, given that they soon will have a FCOD. I emailed them back saying as such.

Update on the titanium mavericks of DOOOOM aka microdermals:

They are shit.

In more eloquent terms, the one without a disc blew up to gigantic proportions (probably a blood blister) then settled down again. However, the skin is very purple and you can actually see the outline of the jewellery under my skin. That to me, is not a good sign, like my skin is paper thin or something.

The other one nearest my sternum still refuses to go completely back under and is all in out like the hokey kokey. I think I’m gonna bite a (slow) bullet. I’m very busy at the minute with university and fun things like funerals and helping my parents not look like BRITS ON TOUR for their 25th wedding anniversary hols to Antigua. I have virtually no free days to cart up to Sheffield, fall at Thou Art’s door and yelp ‘I don’t want those two anymore, take them out and give me enough topical anaesthetic to kill a badger when you do it!’ But I need to, soon. I’m scared though, it’ll hurt like a mother.

Also, I’m putting together a post on (mostly Brit) print design on etsy.com, so yeah, lots of pretty pictures soon.


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“We could start flinging baked beans at the window like monekys fling poo. That would keep the customers away”

Microdermal (aka, what-on-earth-were-you-thinking-Holly) News: The two closest to my sternum are going batshit insane. The one that I originally caught on my bath towel in what seems so long ago it could have been 1996 has been in, then out, then it went back in again, now it is in limbo. The heel is under my skin, but the skin has not closed around it, leaving it vulnerable.

The one that I lost the disc for in Athens (probably lurking in the Agora somewhere. Archaelogists will dig it up in 100 and think they’ve found some bizarre Hellenic object. Until they test it, of course) was kinda bruised but OK. Then it decided to try and escape too. So it was ‘sweated out’ which had worked for the others really well. It was really red and sore though, unlike the others. Now its blistered. Which is awful.

So I’m ringing up Thou Art tomorrow and in some ways I want the bad two out of my body by the end of this week. I’m fed up, Leo is fed up and my body is obviously fed up. The other two are fine and so are all my other piercings. I hope they might give me some topical anaesthetic when I have them removed as having them put in was bad enough.

I’ve started to contribute on Yahoo UK Answers, partly because answering questions is fun (I mostly lurk in Beauty & Style so I can recommend non-animal tested products and answer piercing/mod questions) and also because I like the sound of my own voice. I wouldn’t write a blog, diary and have a running monologue in my head if I didn’t. I don’t actually like the ‘sound’ of my own voice. Hearing myself on video makes me gag because I sound like a 50 year old man with an all-over-the-place accent. Not the point. I noticed that on a lot of surface piercing questions on Yahoo Answers, there is often an answer that recommends getting microdermals as the safe, no-rejection METHOD OF THE FUTURE! More often than not, the question poster is someone who can barely describe what they want done. Microdermals are a semi-permanent mod. Whilst they don’t require blades to be put in, they are new technology. They fix themselves under your skin and nobody can agree on how to get them out (hemostats, needles or scalpels seem to be the three most popular). If I have mine removed I know there will be scars and I will have to deal with them. My body is hardly a perfect canvas anyway, so it is unlikely to matter. But it worries me that microdermals are being peddled as the one stop solution to surface piercings’ problems.

Anyway. Enough about that.

I’ve been meaning to post this for ages, I found it on Boing Boing a while back:

The Mandala of Perfect Happiness by Chris Harvey

I really like it, partly because of the beautifully combined colours, and the shapes they bring together. It makes me think of some post-apocalyptic city, where they melted down all of the 20th century’s useless plastic and refashioned it into a smiley-faced utopia in order to restore civilisation. I only hope that they do better at running the world than we do at the moment.

Everytime I look at it though, I always think of the Angkor Wat in Cambodia:


I mean, its not strictly the same shape, but South East Asian architecture in my mind has this tapered, skyward appearance. On a similar note, I love the the collection of South Asian Hindu figures at the V&A. Its like ‘oh, that one has stretched earlobes’….’that one too’ ….’YAY!’. I’m easily pleased.

 The Times gave away some free board and TV game CD-roms and one of them was Monopoly and I fear I have become addicted. I am crap at it though, and whenever one of the computer player’s goes bankrupt, do they ever give their properties and money to be, bollocks do they. If they do its all mortgaged and it is loads to unmortgage it.

This is getting long. On a final note, I might be adopting some Roborovski hamsters!

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You know, the cute one…with polio.

I saw Juno last night I thought it was top (insightful reviews from me, as per usual). It did give me a weird dream though and although Adam Bloom says that as humans we do not have the vocabulary to make talking about dreams interesting, I’m just going to outline it here:

I was on the Yorkshire coast in a house with a bloke that looked like Jason Bateman (plays a guy who gets a eeny bit weird in the film) and he was in a gay couple with someone that looked very much like the Cohen brother with the glasses. They lived in this fancy nautical Eastern Seaboard style shack thing and somewhere along the line I agreed to get married and have kids with the Jason Bateman lookalike, even though after Juno he kinda wigged me out a bit. I end up in my friend’s grandparents’ house watching some Catholic telly channel and contemplating my future. I went upstairs to the toilet and etched into the toilet roll dispenser was a map of Europe and the countries were colour-coded as to whether you could have unprotected sex and not get AIDS. Erasure (in eastern Europe) is one such city that is AIDS-free. Apparently.

I’m then in the middle of Lincoln High Street having a big procession towards my beloved Jason Bateman lookalike. I’m dressed in white, sat in a brown Laz-e-boy and on my lap is a tray of Coco-Pops and a glass of milk. Leo is weirdly cool about me marrying this gay guy.
Thankfully I then wakeup before I actually get married.

Basically Juno was a really good film I thought. I loved the visuals of the film as well as the dialogue and plot. Of course its incredibly pretentious to sit around with an unlit pipe in your mouth but if I thought I could get away with doing it, I would.
The boyfriend didn’t like it though (not a dig at you Leo, I’m justasaying), thought that Juno as a character was hard to like (I loved her) and that the film and music references were a ‘look how awesome we are with our great taste’ from the director and screen-writer. I didn’t think so, because 16-year-olds enjoy having obscure taste. Its just what they do, maybe not as a way of trying to be cool or different but just because. I know I was always searching for the next song or picture or book that would just be ‘perfect’.
Okay, ramble over, its awesome. Go see it.

In Other News: My mysterious microdermal trouble…the one I posted a picture of a few entries back, the one that was sorta hanging out? Yeah, gone back in again. I don’t know how. Maybe wearing dressings on it and having a hot shower ‘sweated’ (ew) it back in again? Maybe I’m a mutant. Not really sure what to do about it now.


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I’m gonna eat y’all

Hey, hey…guys. You want to see something not fun? Yeah, I thought so too…

That, my fine friends, is my microdermal attempting to escape from my body. B’stard. That bit of titanium is meant to be sealed inside my body, as there is a hole on that plate that should be holding it there. It isn’t, and it sucks. Its also not meant to be tilting like that!

As for the gunk, its often known as ‘crusties’ (haha eurgh). Its most common around healing piercings, but healed ones get them sometimes too. I think my gunk might also be a bit of dead skin. Which is natural enough, look at house…covered in dead skin. Anyway. Whilst Leo has been applying a combo of sea salt soaks and hot compresses to the area, it refuses to shift. It shifts itself I find after a few days (the warmth of a shower helps loosen it) . At the mo, we’re reluctant to take a damp cotton bud to them (to help shift gunk) just in case they become even worse/explode.

My skin doesn’t normally look like that (like a freshly plucked chicken, ha) its just that I’m mildly allergic to Micropore tape and sticking plasters in that area. The only ones that like me are the self adhesive dressings, which I’ve ran out of.

I’m sending this and other pics of both sets of microdermals to my piercers and see what they say. I’m scared!

Now: Emailing and baking. I’m also working on an Old Gregg costume for a party tomorrow. Pictures promised, if I don’t get stabbed by chavs or mauled by wannabe uni-bound Russell Brands.

Things are still unpredictable family wise at the mo.

P.S! Leo took me on a surprise trip to see Jon Richardson at the uni comedy night after treating me to din-dins. It was vair amusant, but Leo ended up being compared by him to Louis Theroux, and I ended up being some weight-nazi. Funtimes all round!


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Oh crap.

Argh. Last night I noticed that one of my microdermals was looking a bit gunky (yum!). My piercings generally play up a bit when I am ill, as if to compund the problem. Anyway.

I had a shower and when I got out, I caught that microdermal with the towel really badly. I went to my Mum, who saw nothing wrong, but I also asked Leo if it looked okay. His word was ‘Ooooh’ and not a good, surprised one either. He said that he could see the ‘heel’ (you can see the design of the jewellery here) of the microdermal poking out of my skin, but there was no blood or redness around the area. I started to panic that it was going to rip right out my skin/destroy the world etc etc. Basically I behaved like a total girlpants.

He who is Nacho Hombre started massaging the skin around the area, pinching it and moving it to try and manoeuvre the heel back into place. We put a dressing over it and left it.

I slept in a very funny way last night, due to not wanting to move my shoulders too much, just in case I disturbed my collarbones. It was also a little painful to move due to the tape on the dressings. I’m not used to it anymore! I looked at it this morning and the heel is back in the skin, but you can see a deeper depression around the entry/exit point than on the others, hinting that perhaps the heel is in a shallower layer of tissue  than what it should be. I’m no expert though. I better ring up Holier Than Thou today and see what their advice is (arrgghh phones).

But yeah, this is rubbish. Yesterday at work I cut my knuckles on the ‘crumb tray’ (its the tray that catches all the gumph that leaks/breaks on the conveyer belt) I was cleaning. There was all this encrusted sugar, washing liquid, hair, breadcrumbs etc and it had just gone rock solid. I ended up using a lot of hot water and a chisel! I also found a piece of stained and creased calico fabric under the tills, yum!

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