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Pretty cool…

Oh hai there, Mr. Kele Okereke of the BLLLOOOCCC PAARTTY (insert rubbish Kele impression here) all up there with your Corona beer. I hear you’re doing a DJ set at one of Lincoln’s more snazzy nightclubs, Sakura. Well thats pretty cool, ain’t it? I do like you, maybe I’ll come for a looksee. It’ll be more that just a looksee at 12 quid, mind.



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You know what is a rubbish job? Washing up spoons that have had been covered in chutney. Curry is the designated dish for Saturdays and through the culinary wizardry of mon pere we have tried all manner of curries (and by this I mean not just picking a readymade bhuna over a shitcken tikka masala). But I am not a chutney girl. Give me raita or creme fraiche mixed with harissa paste.

Chutney sticks to everything! My boyfriend, the loving Nacho is a chutney fiend and somehow manages to get it all over everything within a 5 metre radius of his plate. I am yet to work out how this happens. You may be sat there thinking ‘Pshhh, who washes up nowadays? I have a dishwasher/poorly paid ‘housekeeper’ to do that sort of mindless drudgery’. Well, I will tell you this and relish this. WE DON’T OWN A DISHWASHER! Why? Because they are crap and waste energy and water. I have seen people take washing up out of a dishwasher and it be dirty and covered in greasy smudges. I’ve seen people actually wash plates BEFORE putting them in the dishwasher. I can’t even think of an inappropriate metaphor for that concept.

If you think I am rambling about total crap it is because my brain is not located within my body at the minute. I assume its somewhere in Guam, but it needs to switch on her Blackberry (hahah, as if my brain owns a blackberry.)

What did I do yesterday at 9.30am? Scrabbled around in some tree roots for dead bugs. To put in resin. My friend Beth bought it a beetle that was nearly as big as my face (not really, it was right big though) looked a lot like scarab beetle. She thrust it into my face in a clear film cannister and I think I nearly suffered a heart attack. I learnt pest management, and can now identify a powderpost beetle at 20 paces (not really). FUN FACT: the larvae of a carpet beetle is called a ‘wooly bear’.

Oh yeah, I saw Cloverfield yesterday afternoon. OMG SPOLIERZ TEH MONSTAR:

Oh no wait, thats just Cthulhu, everyone’s favourite tentacley nuisance!

Seriously though (no wai!) Cloverfield was really good. It ends quite abruptly though, and even though it wouldn’t have fitted in with the rest of the film, it would have been awesome to see a government analysis thing after the credits, like a secret file of what exactly it was. But yeah, was good. Its a really difficult film to talk about without being spoilery about it, but it ruled because it was so creepy and tense but not in a hands-over-eyes-but-splaying-fingers-so-looking-but-not way!

Anyway, as Strongbad says:

(You know what this experience has taught me? Typing ‘teen girl squad its over’ into googles images yields a large proportion of porn. But I’m not sure why I am surprised…)

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I burn, I pine, I perish

The first thing I heard this morning was that Heath Ledger had died. I instantly looked at the picture of him above my bed (cut from a copy of Cosmo Girl some time when I was 15, which coincided with my first viewing of 10 Things I Hate About You and also shows that I haven’t changed my room in a long time) and hoped it wasn’t true, or I’d heard it wrong. It seems that he was deeply troubled, one of us who is a bit ‘wrongly wired’. Or he was just chemically trying to gain some normalcy. I don’t know. I’m no stranger to taking travel sickness tablets and shot of booze to help me sleep sometimes. Its not the same thing, mind.

I haven’t seen Brokeback Mountain, nor A Knight’s Tale all the way through, but 10 Things I Hate About You arrived just at the right time for me. A time in my teenagerdom that needed charming curly haired men in it, who sang and pranced around making pricks of themselves, for the love of a ‘shrew’. It made me love FNT by Semisonic (I was introduced to Closing Time by one of my history teachers in Year 11. It became one of my favourite songs of that year)

Some of us at university (11 out of 13 of us are female) have decided to hold a Heath Tribute at the halls, in which we will watch the three films mentioned here, wear black, drink and eat crisps while sighing about how wonderful he is.

If it sounds strange to do that, I have already be to a wake for a hamster this week, so these sorts of things are becoming an increasingly normal part of my life. I would say ‘condolences to his family’ but I won’t because I don’t know them, and I obviously didn’t know Heath, he just occupied a A5 space close to my headboard at night. He seemed like a nice guy and its a shame that a brother, son and father has left this ‘mortal coil’ so young.

Back to fancy things and frippery before I start pining at my bedroom wall.

I was walking towards the bus station today, after doing an arduous historical ceramic and stone trail around uphill, downhill and everyhill Lincoln. I saw two incredibly lovely things in the window of Unikat. One was a glass bead heart with wings on a ball chain necklace and the other was:

Frogprince necklace, from £129

Of course, very much out of the budget of someone who works weekends in a shop and would never forgive herself if she blew over 100 quid of her student loan (which I’m saving up until I move out and really have to spend it) on a necklace. I’d spend £100 on a pair of Beyond Skin shoes because they are shoes and thus keep you from getting hypodermic needles embedded in your feet/trench foot. A necklace doesn’t do that.

In Other News: I have no idea where its gone, but it must be somewhere in the house. The Sunday before I went to Athens I cam back from work, got in the shower and took my ankh necklace off. I look for it and it is gone. Gone gone gone. I have worn an ankh necklace ever since I was about 10? (God, I can’t remember a lot from that far back, just being obsessed with dens, rabbits and playing in the woods). I lost my first one that my Nanny bought me on the bus after a PE lesson (I left it my top blazer pocket) in Year 10. Whilst doing family tree research in Essex (Dad and I were my Mother’s accomplices) we found one in the Artful Angel in Maldon that was lovely. This was the one I lost a few weeks ago. Let me tell you this, it is very difficult to find sterling silver ankh pendants. Most are rubbish, chunky kiddie-goth pewter pieces of crap. I might get my Dad to ring the Artful Angel and see if they still make mine (I’m scared of phones). If they need a reference, I have hundreds of pictures of me wearing it.

Also sad: I broke my grotty piece of ribbon that I have worn around my wrist since summer 2004 (arguably the most influential summer of my life so far) . It was filthy-looking (it had gone from white to a rancid shade of cream), and had frayed so it was literally hanging by a thread, so I’m not surprised it broke. I pulled it out of a top I had and my friend Chesca tied it around my wrist and I have worn it ever since. I’m tempted to buy another piece of ribbon and tie them together and wear the best part of it. Its weird how you can get so attached to a piece of crappy ribbon, but that ribbon has been there, done that, worn that t-shirt. Festivals, boyfriend(s…ish) parties, birthdays, school, college, university etc etc.

This is getting really long, but I have to say, we have been given our first REAL objects to work on. Mine is a ‘slater’s knife’ from Saffron Walden museum is Essex(?). They are quite clearly mad to let me near anything of any historical value.

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Normally I wouldn’t do a negative post, but just like Paxman is a-ranting about lack of support for his trousers addendums from M&S pants, I feel I need to address an issue. Rubbish-looking shoes.

First of all, I really don’t like these:


I get the simplicity of them, but they look bad. Like PE-gear from provincial middle-England school circa 1978 (especially the white ones). PE kit reminds me of two things.

1. Embarassment at pleated gym skirts with navy blue PE knickers larger than some European countries

2.  The above, and hockey moves in winter, when my legs turned a fetching shade of tuna steak and boys were too close for that to have yieled anything positive.

 Oh and the phrase “lets see those muscles girls” yelled as encouragement by PE teachers during trampolining lessons.  Oddly enough, elastic-side canvas pumps I like quite a lot and own 3 pairs, from the spring/summer 2006 F-Troupe collection (two pairs of tartan and one toile de jouy)


Again, Topshop.

 In a similar vein, the flat brogue. Some wooden stack heel brogues in fetching colours can pass for their sheer sweetness, but not this patent ‘Raspbbery’ lunacy. Just because Agyness (???) Deyn wears them doesn’t mean anyone else should. She dresses like she is deliberately trying to be some crap 80’s/90’s pastiche with none of the lovable irony it should possess. If Topshop start manufacturing tie-dye luminous cycling shorts and selling them for £40 then I think I can safely say ‘I told you so’.

Anyway, back to crap footwear.


Office ‘espadrilles’

You know why these are £10 don’t you?  Firstly because they look like one of my origami experiments that I have bodged and screwed up then stitched to a piece of rope. Maybe they are and someone is rooting through my recycling. If so, I am a fashion pioneer and I apologise profusely. But I’m pretty sure the above is not the case. Secondly, because not even the most idiotic of fashion victims would wear these.

They are also a total waste of the earth’s natural materials.


Also Office.

Shoes like that are made for chav-types who can’t be arsed to dress properly.  If you don’t believe me I saw an very much out of shape young woman run with a pram yesterday. Unfortunately I was behind her and noticed that she was wearing no pants under a saggy-arsed pair of white trackie bottoms (ERLACK) and also that she was wearing a white pair of shoes similar to the ones above. That sir, is proof. She didn’t even bother to put knickers on! Its January and I’m refusing to leave the house without a pair of warm pants (my AA boy-pants are very thick and warm and awesome) and a pair of tights under my jeans. I suppose it is easy access for her, should she decide to repopulate the planet (again). Trousers off, shoes off, all is one easy knees-down, kick-feet motion.

 Oddly enough, 3 pairs of these footwear fiends are red. Red is one of my favourite colours, especially for shoes (I own a glittery pair of red Mary Jane heels made by veggie-friendly brand Bourgeois Boheme.) If you ever want to buy me shoes I like bright colours, mary janes, either high heels or flats (I don’t do in between), glittery, embroidery, ribbons, no oversize toe embellishments, no ‘tan’ coloured soles on flats, wooden heels and 20’s style dancing shoes. I also covet getting a pair of Victorian style knee high boots with ribbon laces but am yet to find a veggie pair. I’m a size 4 and have feet shaped a duck’s feet. Just so you know.

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Sunshine, lollipops rainbows.

Firstly, may I just say “HUZZAAAH” because I handed in my first term work today!

Secondly, some house porn: The Cheltenham Underground House

The above was featured on Grand Designs the other day and when it was completed I thought it was brilliant. You can’t really get the full view of it from the website gallery though. Okay, so in my opinion there are too many neutral colours (though I love the dark brown wood used) but I like rancid, retina burning colour schemes. But I think my favourite part was the view from the ‘master bedroom’ roof garden. Looking directly down into the ‘underground’ patio-thing…wonderful! Also the giant skylight and the wave shaped light reflectors were pretty groovy.

Thirdly –  Richard Sweeney paper sculptures. You know my love for origami and paper art in general, so seeing this made me happy. Some of the structures are so reminiscent of modular origami I’ve seen.

Fourthly – A bit of guilt venting. I find buying clothes difficult because a. I am an odd shape, b. I torture myself with ethical issues.  A while back I found a lovely pair of twill weave grey slim trousers from Miss Selfridge for £25. Of course, they are neither fairtrade nor organic, but they go with everything and are the perfect cut, and smarter than jeans. I bought another pair in black today (whooops)

Fifthly (this is getting just a tad silly now.)  I am unsure whether to buy this or not:

 I’m not sure whether it looks too….mumsy? I have been eagerly looking for shrugs/mini-cardis for a while as a. they would be v. useful if Britain ever achieves a temperature above 10 degrees. Also, I have a paranoid fear of arseholes ‘fiddling’ with my corset piercings if I wear strap tops/backless tops, and a shrug would be a quick and easy way to wear these tops (Standard cardigans get too hot).

Some would say that that is payback for getting corset piercings and being a tool. Obviously I don’t always wear ribbons in them like in the picture, that was just for my prom, but I still don’t trust people not to try and get their grubby hands on them!

 On the subject of top-half wear, I succumbed and tried on a waistcoat (I know, how painfully trendy. 3 years ago, no one but grooms and grandfathers wore waistcoats)  in Topshop today, with an eye that if it suited me, then I might buy this little vintage number from etsy for…I think it was $10, but it has since been sold. I think the waistcoat suited me, but the one I tried on was £35…so no, and again with the ethical torturing.

Sixth(ly???)  This will be the last one as this is getting ridiculous now. But my boyfriend, the long suffering Leo aka ‘El Nacho Hombre’ (he knows its grammatically incorrect, so don’t bother) has started a blog ici. I don’t know what his game is, stealing my hordes *cough* of faithful readers!

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He got possessed by a dolphin!

The title was Leo’s answer to a video clip question on Big Fat Quiz of the Year last night. Unsurprisingly we got it wrong, but Leo and I (Team Wheelie-Bin)  got equal first with my parents. The tie-breaker from Danny (chemistry student) was ‘What is the melting point of tungsten?’

We may have had an unfair advantage.

(July 2007, Edinburgh ‘cartoon’ exhibition thingy. It invited us to add our own fish, and add we did)

I still didn’t get it right though.

Message to Noel Fielding – sort your hair out mate.

And I thought Lily Allen looked lovely as well.

Some nice recent etsy finds:

 Give Peas a Chance necklace – £25


Birthday Cake hair clip – £4.50(ish)

Alright, well I best get mein glad-rags on because New Year’s Eve partying starts earlier that non-New Year’s Eve partying. Quite what to wear I don’t know. I might end up at the cathedral, in which warmth will be no. 1 priority.  But I might not….eep.

See you in 2008 (ARGHHHH, I am not good with New Years. To me, every passing year is a year away from care-free teenager-dom and one more towards death, wage-slavery and crippling resentment of the days of yore. But atleast this year I won’t get drunk on bacardi and fall asleep watching This Is Spinal Tap whilst my dad potters about in the garage like I did when ’03 became ’04. Then I cried, as if to top it off my performance as a bitter, socially awkward 16 year old.)

Should you end a post in brackets?

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J’ai baisé beaucoup de grenouilles (I haven’t really)

‘Smack’, by Draco


I love this new Threadless design, it reminds me of something out of the old Diana/Twinkle annuals from the 70’/80’s that I have somehow acquired, despite not being born till 1987!



Anything that has robins on is made 10x better, hence why I chose to post the 1972 over any of the others (the ones I have from the mid-80’s are a gorgeous, yet slightly retina burning blue). I think robins are just the cutest British birds, but I’m a fan of birds, fish, fluffy animals, weird insects etc.


Roberta the winter Robin

I favourited that on Etsy the other day, and I’ve decided to try and do my own version instead. After all, I did make Leo a felt panda for our first anniversary (I know in my bonjour page it says I like panda, just how much I like pandas will become apparent soon enough)

So yeah. GLITTERTASTIC Lush purchases today:

Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar

Twinkle bath ballistic

Youki-Hi bath ballistic

Silver Cloud ballistic (free from the samples basket because I am brilliant/obsessed)

I’ve started to look forward to my post-conservation practical, pre-going out Thursday baths. If I have a new, unlistened one, I’ll put the Russell Howard & Jon Richardson podcast on, smash a bath ballistic against the bath (that means you get two for the price of one. As Mark says in Peep Show “Hey, 33% extra free. I am doing excellent shopping. My depressed state of mind means being even more frugal than usual.”) and get GLITTERY! Because, as I said to the girl in Lush today, everything in life in 10x better when you are covered in stupid amounts of glitter.

The baths are mostly on Thursday, but as I have plentiful bath bounty I may vary it. Not that you care, obviously. I’m just saying.

Now. I am going to find out how glass deteriorates and revise corrosion because for the first time since year 11, I am having a SCIENCE TEST. Good lord.


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